Do you have a business idea that you are sure that people will love? Do you have a product that everyone just must have? Do you have a service that everyone needs? Sorry, but you do not know. No one cares about your product or service. And they will not care until they know and trust you. And even then, they may not buy that revolutionary new product that you are sure is set to change the world.

Did you know that people prefer to buy from just 3 types of people? Those who they know, those who like them or those that they feel they can trust. That's it! Think of it. Millions of people buy off eBay every day but would you feel more comfortable buying clothes from a friend you have known for 10 years or buying from someone online that you've never met before? It's all about getting to know your customer, putting yourself in their shoes and getting their trust. Then you invite them to come back by over delivering.

Did you know that the people who make the most money in business often have five things in common?

  • A useful product or service that solves a problem or plugs a gap in the marketplace
  • A “niche market”
  • A strong, unshakeable belief in their business idea
  • The ability and desire to keep learning
  • A business mindset

For example, the inventors of the toothbrush, the TV remote control and the mousetrap would have made a fortune. Their products all solved problems and they focused on a niche and they had a belief. Whether these guys continued to learn or had a business mindset, we do not know. However, the first three criteria were met and that was enough to make the inventors very rich. Three very simple ideas that solved everyday household problems. That's all it took. What problems can you solve for your niche market? Can you identify a product or service that they want and need?

Choosing a Product or Service

As you can see, the secret is that you really do not need a brilliant new product or idea.

What you do need is something that –

  1. saves time, Egypt
  2. saves money, or
  3. increases a person's wealth, or
  4. decreases weight, or
  5. takes away pain, or
  6. makes people feel good about themselves and lifts their self esteem.

If you can do just one of these things for a highly targeted group of people and make it seem easy, you are on the right track. Anything new that solves a problem for your customer, and comes with little or no effort, is a game changer.