About that title: Why do people try to sell on the nutty reason that the choice is a 'no brainer'? Do you really want me to buy your product without giving it prudent thought? 'Thought' is the breakfast of champions so why would you want your prospect to make a decision on an empty stomach (or mind)?

I get that a vendor is trying to convince me that their item's benefits are so abundantly clear that only a dolt would not whip out a credit card. But, would not you rather know I bought your product after careful consideration? That your sales effort was so strong and focused absolutely on my desired benefits that I'm completely secure with my choice and will never experience buyer's remorse?

The 'no-brainer' argument almost feels like a form of bullying, suggesting that not buying from you makes me the jerk instead of the party who's advocating it. Here are some other negative messages that will reduce the power of any sales effort:

  • the other guys are jerks – somehow, this does not translate into 'we're great!' It just tells me you do not have enough good things to sway me to your offer and instead, hope I'll fall into your arms for fear of being associated with the 'jerks', your competitor. Instead, this makes me even more curious about who the 'other guy' is!
  • you can return it – Oh man; This is like a tell-tale sign in a horror movie: I'm being warned right up front that I'll be unhappy with my choice.
  • this is a close out – While you may think you're telling me it's a special deal, what I'm hearing is the folks who used to stand behind this product have run for the hills.
  • this is a one-time opportunity – Uh, is it stolen? Is it damaged goods?
  • we're clearing out inventory to make way for the new model – So that means you will not be serving my newly purchased, older version any longer?

I know there are some buyers for what the risks associated with these pseudo-benefits are worth it yet, is it really worth it for you as the seller? None of these messages are really adding value to your reputation nor are they building relationships with truly 'sold' customers who 'look for you as an ongoing source of quality in your category of goods. Instead, what you'll become is the Crazy Eddie of your industry (kids, once upon a time, Crazy Eddie sold consumer entertainment equipment with the tag line 'this offer is insaaaaane!' And he meant it – Eddie ended up in jail. ..)

Sales pitches like these create a single financial transaction. Sales messages that encourage real desire for your goods based on knowing what a prospect wants as a result of buying create relationships with customers. More than a single financial transaction, this creates ongoing purchases, referrals, feedback, testimonials, and a lower cost of selling. And guess what that delivers: more profit. Sounds like a totally sane benefit statement to me.