One of the most powerful online approaches for a business owner looking to increase sales and influence is to begin blogging as soon as possible. There are a myriad of benefits that come from blogging for your business, many of which most business owners are not even aware of. To inspire you to start blogging here are just a few of its many benefits!

Positions You as a Trusted Authority

The most valuable commodity any small or home-based business owner can have is the trust of its audience. On the Internet there is so much hype, over-promoting and under-delivering as well as huge amounts of advertising that the trust consumers have for most businesses is at an all time low. This has a massive negative effect on potential customers' willingness to do business with you. By blogging and sharing your advice with a personal touch you can increase this and see a huge increase in conversion rates and the prices your customers are willing to pay you.

Increased Traffic

These days the search engines love sites that regularly produce fresh content with a low bounce rate. By blogging regularly you will gain higher rankings for an ever greater number of keywords and also attract links and viral sharing through existing readers. This is backed up by statistics which show that businesses that blog have 433% more pages indexed than those that do not. This produces a greater quantity of higher quality traffic for your business.

It is not that difficult to get that recognition once you know how to blog effectively and in such a way that will have the search engines finding and promoting your site, which after all is what you need and want for increased business results.

Ability to Interact With Customers

Ask any successful business person wherever you need to be able to understand your market deeply or not and they will resoundingly reply, “Yes”! Blogging for business lets you interact in all kinds of ways such as including surveys, reading comments and asking people to email suggestions. This gives you critical insights into what your market desires which will boost your profits.


Blogging is an incredibly powerful online business strategy and it is worth making the effort to find out how to blog in a way that will not only increase the traffic to your blog but also increase traffic to your business and increase sales.