I recently had a conversation with my accounting partner about what inspires me in my daily work.

It started with a conversation about what we had done over the past two weeks and what was coming up work-wise.

I mentioned that there was one thing I was doing slowly with my clients that was really fun. It made doing the work easier, just being able to get excited about it.

Not everything we do in our business will be fun, of course, but it brought us to a conversation of what we enjoyed most, and how we could each do more of that in our business.

I teach people to set up their businesses the way they want – so that they get excited to get up every day and work with their clients.

But I spoke with one of my former students the other day … she took one of my group training sessions a few years ago … and she said she had grown bored with her business. She had built it well and it was successful, but she felt that the things she was doing daily were no longer making her happy.

So we are going to work on a new plan for her, to shift her service offerings so that her business is something that excites her again.

It is so important to realize that what you love today does not necessarily remain something you love moving forward.

Assessing our business parts regularly is a really good practice for many reasons, but looking at our services and making sure that we still love to provide them for our clients is a biggie.

Sometimes it does take making a conscious shift to what we offer, to keep our business fresh and exciting for us.

When is the last time you looked at what you are offering? How has your business changed since you started it?

Here are a couple of tips for you to strategize this:

1. Look at your client list. How many are similar? If you are not providing services for a niche group of people, maybe you should look at that. Pick the client that you like working with the best, and actively determine to get more like that one.

2. Look at your services list. Not the ones on your website, I mean the tasks you do for your clients. Do you love doing all of them? If not, how can you make adjustments to what you are doing with your current clients so that you do more than what you love, and less than what you do not love?

3. Look at your skills. Have you taken classes (even free webinars count!) That you know you can implement into your service offerings? How? If you have learned something new, figure out how you can start to bring that into your current client work. Getting more work from existing clients is the best way to build your business.

What inspires you? I would love to hear it!