Food safety and accountability are two very important priorities for batch food processors. When you first started out you did all of your scheduling, processing, and tracking by hand. Although you may have integrated some software into the process, chances are the various processes were not connected and required you to keep separate records to track everything. As your business grows you discover trying to stay on top of financial, quality control, and batch processing has become a time consuming chore. If you are finding yourself in this situation, the time is right for you to consider an ERP software solution.

Tracking and Accountability

ERP solutions give you the ability to track specific ingredients from the cradle to the grave. This is an important benefit for batch processing operations to ensure accountability in the event you face an FDA recall. On the FDA's site there are over 20 food related recalls for June 2014. These range from contaminated food stuffs to undisclosed allergens. Either of these issues can cause serious health problems or even death in consumers. With the tracking ability this software gives you ingredients and batches can be traced from the moment they arrive at your facility to the point they are delivered to your customers.

Streamlined Operations

Instead of trying to do everything manually or with disjoined software programs, an ERP solution integrates your entire operation. Not only will the software give you tracking ability, but it can also do financial batch processing, order scheduling, inventory management, warehouse management, and more. Once your ERP is up and running all of your operations will run smoothly and automatically. You will not need to manually schedule testing, processing, or deliveries. The software will do all of this for you without fail.

Increased Productivity

Once you and your employees are freed from the mundane tasks of manual tracking and organization you are free to be more productive. Your operations will run smoothly, batches will be processed and tested in a timely manner, and deliveries will be scheduled to meet your customer's needs. With the inventory control feature of the software you will no longer have to worry about raw materials spoiling since you will only have on hand exactly what you need to meet your needs. On the financial end of your business integrated accounts receivable and accounts payable functions ensure a constant stream of revenue into your business.


As your business grows the ERP software will grow with you. If your batch processing recipes need to be updated or changed, the software can also handle this task. With an increase in productivity the ERP software grows with you ensuring your business has the freedom it needs to be successful and keep growing. The ERP software should be tailor to your business' needs and be able to be updated and expanded as needed.

If your food processing business is experiencing growing pains you need to consider taking the next step to even more success and look into ERP software. You may be surprised how valuable this tool can be in the success and continued growth of your company.