Every time you swoop in to take over a task handled by a team member differently than you might do it, you're putting another nail in the coffin of your dreams for independence through business ownership. Every time you say “I'll do it” you've taken a step back from the life you seek through business ownership. And, horror of horrors, when you proclaim “this place would not last a day without me” you've just damned your next vacation plans and diminished the value of your enterprise by dollars and years.

Do you get it? The more you control (and I do not care why, all your reasons are wrong) the more your role as biz owner starts to look more and more like a job in which you're working for a lunatic …

Sure, it's your baby, built with your sweat, hopes, time and cash; it'll best deliver your dream (and quality products, service and relationships) if you let it thrive without your constant 2 cents for every task, decision, email or slip of paper that passes through it. Like a teenager, your biz will make mistakes. Yet with your prudent planning, trust and after-the-fact review, it will gain insight and skill from them. And you? You'll delay gray hairs, take vacations, see your family, stave off emergencies and probably make far more money than if you controlled everything.

I'm especially hot about this right now because Stephen R. Covey died recently. The man responsible for coining the 'win-win' scenario, who urged all business owners to start with the end in mind, which 4-quad model of task management was the tool could guide you to uber-success and who wrote the most influential business book of the 20th century describes your attention. Best way to give it? Build a business that honors your priorities, that gives you room to enjoy your life and provides a winning experience for all who connect with it.

Here's a direct path to achieve that:

Recognize that the most important thing you can do for your business is to become the least important person necessary to its daily routine.

Learn how to serve those who serve your business and they'll deliver the gifts you seek from business ownership.

Empower your team to have authority as well as responsibility.

Become future focused in business and present focused in your life.

I'm on a special mission to help get that done for you; in my by-line, you'll find a gift so you can speed the process. And, if you want more than that, pick up a copy of '7 Habits of Highly Effective People', Covey's master work.