I used to be a rank and file office worker. Sometimes I'd be the gofer for the company and I would be the one to register licenses for Office 365 Home Premium or sign the papers whenever an Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 package arrived for the IT team. But I am the niece of a very hardworking CEO and I know that you will not need to escape the hardships of work. After all, did not Kahlil Gibran say that to work with love is to proudly submit yourself towards infinity?

One of the things you need to get accomplished are all the papers and permits. This is key to starting an SME or a relatively growing corporation. You can not neglect the signing on the dotted line because one of the first steps of registering a business is to be sure that your entity is legitimate in the eyes of all parties. Even if you had the latest apps with all your office computers running on Windows 8, it will count for nothing if your SME is not properly established.

Second, you need to be sure all of your incorporators are on the same team. A business will not be fruitful if you are not committed to serving your primary clientele and if your investors do not believe in you. If you are under the Finance department, create really artistic presentations. User PowerPoint 2013 or maybe even keep them up to speed on their laptops using the SkyDrive. But what matters is content. Content is king so be sure that they are updated on where the latest projections are, what you as a business manager's needs are in terms of supplies, personnel and a clearly defined timeline to accomplish your tasks.

It is also crucial to cater to all of your staff adequately. When I was an HR assistant, I appreciated it when my uncle made sure everyone had a voice in the company. Was my Windows 7 PC not functioning properly? He would make sure that whatever my needs were – were adequately met. What do your staff need in terms of office supplies or IT? Is someone having difficulty with their Project Std 2013? Attend to those, to the best of your abilities.

Think of being a business owner as being like a customer service rep, you're dispensing microsoft product keys and you want to ensure everyone gets what they want. This should be regardless of whether you deploy software as advanced as Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium or not.

Business is about service, keep that in mind before asking “What's in it for me?” And then the rest will follow.