There are many businesses that overlook customer retention since the fact that it is the lifeline of every business. This article explores the importance of client or customer retention and how to manage this end of the business as your company grows and matures. Usually small start-up vending companies do a better job of this than many of the larger companies. There are various reasons for the same. Vending machine businesses have the owner handling his business while having front-line machines in his establishment and thus having regular interactions with the clients. This puts the human side into business and further builds up a relation of trust and delivery of reliable services.

However, the question that arises here is that how large companies manage their consumer retention. Most of the large companies involved in vending business typically combine their processes of sales, retention of clients and machine inspections. The person assigned this task wears all three hats and provides services which are valuable to both the customer as well as the company. Inspection is a time-consuming activity, which can bring you closer to your customers and a salesperson can use the know-how gained by the former to his advantage while also filling the inspection forms. These personnel usually have keys to all the equipment in the territory. In addition to the inspection of machines, there are other sections that have to be care for to ensure customer satisfaction.

Cleanliness of Machines
There can be instances when the food in the machine can melt, go bad or even get spilled, which can draw insects and rodents towards it. Therefore, it becomes responsibility of the owners to ensure that the machine is clean and that dust and bacteria remain away from it. While cleaning, one should make sure that the trays on which the snacks fall is clean as this is usually overlooked. This can take more time but can pay off in sales. More importantly, it can prevent customers from getting sick.

In addition, they also need to regularly assess the quality of foodstuff in the machine and get rid of anything that does not meet quality standards.

Mechanical Malfunctions
You never know when your vending machine can break down or stop functioning. Needless to say, this can frustrate a lot of regular customers. Although, there are various companies that deal with repair of vending machines; it might take them a few days time to fix your machines and cost you extra. Therefore, the owners of the machines should get frequent check-ups and tests of the machines to avoid embarrassing situations for both the consumers and themselves. It is there before your duty to check the functioning of machines on regular basis so that they are not on the verge of breaking down.

Vending machines are usually considered as a way for schools and large corporations to make additional income at specific locations. As mentioned earlier, providing quick resolutions to the problems faced by the consumers can build happy and strong relationships that boosting customer retention.