The first mistake small business owners do when creating their website is they do not have a clear image of their prospect.

You probably are already familiar with what an “Avatar” is. You create in your mind or write on paper some basic information about your target market.

This is already known and you should be doing it.

But, most people forget another important part when researching their prospects.

They leave out any slang or expressions their target market uses. That's a huge mistake.


Because you connect easier with someone speaking the same way you do.

Bring into mind any interaction you had about anything you are interested in. You have probably interacted with people who speak like you do and they seem to know a lot of stuff. You have also interacted with others who knew absolutely nothing

When did you have the best discussions? Of course with the former team.

So step number one is to start taking notes of the way your target market speaks. And sprinkle the words and the expressions in your website's texts.

Mistake number two is selling your products or services. Now, you might think “then what should I sell?”.

Here is what you have to sell: the promise of what your prospect will get when he uses your product / service.

Confused? Here is an example.

Say you are a dentist.

People come to you for teeth cleaning. But they do not buy that.

What do they buy?

They buy the looks of others when they see how shiny their smiles are.

They want to feel sure their breath will not have a nasty smell.

They do not want whatever follows after they are diagnosed with periodontitis.

Now, if you have done your research, you know what their desires, pains, and dreams are. You can combine them with your services and they will be way more impactful than another “GET CLEANER TEETH” logo.

The final mistake people make on their business website is making it too hard to read. There are literally dozens of mistakes that can make a prospect click “X” when they land on your website.

Here are three suggestions:

Your page's width should not be so big they strain their necks.

Do not use a blue font and red letters.

Avoid huge blocks of text.

Anything making you go “yuck” when browsing through a website, should not be seen on yours.

Any, here's the point: good research, knowing your market's lingo and keeping your texts nice and easy to read will bring leads and occasional customers through your doors.