Hiring someone to film Ariel images for you is a great way to see things in a new prospect. The value of drone filming continues to grow. Yet you need to ask questions and gather information before you do with hiring anyone. You need to feel confident they can do the job for you and the cost is worth the investment.


Not everyone with a website out there offering drone filming services really has the experience you need. Keep that in mind as you look around. You need to verify other work they have completed and how happy those customers were with the outcome. You need to ask the provider how long they have been involved with this type of service.

Ask about their experience on filming and flying the drones. They should feel very confident in the movements of the drones and how the cameras work. They should also have experience with editing the film and giving you a completed project that is amazing. Most of them use editing software for this part of the process.


Never assume someone offering drone filming has excellent equipment to work with. Ask them what they have in place. Then you can spend some time conducting your own research. They do not have to have the newest equipment available to offer you outstanding services. However, you need to make sure it is not so outdated it will not allow them to get great results.

File Format

Make sure the file format they offer for the completed work is something you can use. There may be compatibility issues that you did not think about. If they have a file format you can not use, talk to them about conversion options before you proceed with the work. You do not want to end up with filmed images you can not access!


How long will it take them to get out there and create the film, edit it, and get you the last results? You may be in a time crunch for the materials so you can not delay getting your hands on them. Some providers are very busy and it will be weeks before they can get you on their schedule.

Others will bump you up, but they are going to charge you extra fees to speed up the process. Make sure you know how long it will take and the cost to you before you proceed with hiring someone for drone filming. If you are not in a rush for the materials, you have more flexibility in this area.

Your Needs

Even though they are the experts, are they listening to your needs? It is important for drone filming service providers to hone in on what you seek. They need to be flexible to create something you can benefit from. Share information with them, answer questions, and make sure you are on the same page before you proceed with hiring them.

You may have a demand for something very specific to be created or filmed. Do not assume they are going to be able to do that for you. Instead, talk to them about the challenges and the complexity involved. You may have to pay more for such difficult projects so make sure you know about the fees involved.

Safety and Insurance

Only work with a provider of drone filming with safety measures in place. They need to be considerate of private land. They need to avoid taking risks that could cause damages to structures or harm to people. It is a good idea to only select a provider who has insurance coverage. This is not mandated but it offers more protection against issues.