Mistakes to Avoid When Putting Up a Coffee Business

The general mistake that some people do in starting up a coffee business is they never treat it enough like a business. Your passion for coffee is one driving factor, but you must also have a passion for business. You must be aware of certain things before you shell out cash and buy coffee shop properties. Starting up any business includes a rife of risks that the uncertain economy could bring. However no one can deny the truth that coffee is a potential business that promises substantial rewards.

It's no wonder that there are a number of coffee shops for sale for all those aspiring entrepreneurs. While managing a coffee shop is fun and fulfilling, it requires a lot of hard work to keep up with the other fast growing brands. If you fail to do so, your resources will slowly dry out. Not to mention the tax bill that you need to deal with and the employees that you need to monitor every now and then.

Before you buy coffee shop properties, it is important that you set right your expectations. When you do this do it with all honesty. When a certain plan is not feasible due to financial constraints then do not push for it. Opt for the plan that is safer and more doable. Business is all about being daring and cautious when called to be. A wise businessman should always know which is called for in a specific situation.

Another general mistake that people do with their coffee shop business is their failure to see things in a larger scale. It's a business indeed that sells specialty coffee along with coffee accompaniments such as pastry, cookies, waffle and others. But behind the selling concerns are a lot of equally important things that are necessary for operations: staff, insurance, license, marketing, product development, and more. Business is not just about selling, it's also about successful management. Put it in mind before you close a deal for any coffee shops for sale.

Mistakes also include the coffee shop owners neglecting to hear out the customers' feedback. Well you will not usually hear it directly from them but it's good to have a feedback system in your coffee shop. A letterbox perhaps would do well so the people can drop their comments and suggestions. You can also put feedback cards on the table so the customers can write in it whenever they feel like to.

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Important Tips for Starting a Coffee Shop Business

Opening a coffee shop business is an exciting endeavor. However, it'll be fun no more if no money is going back to you. Most entrepreneurs turn sour after some couple of months that they buy coffee shops. It's all because things are not going into their favor – it's either they only make it to break even or not at all. A coffee shop business is a potential endeavor that can promise you substantial rewards. But it takes a lot of hard work to get the returns you want. Therefore before buying any coffee shops for sale, consider asking yourself first if: you have a smooth business plan, you have the initial fund to jumpstart the venture, and you have a trust supplier, and other important matters that you should carefully analyze before plunging into the water.

Coffee shops for sale are everywhere; you'll find one without even breaking a sweat. To handle the purchase without any problems make sure to find people that you can trust. A business lawyer is necessary to help you with all transactions, find a lawyer who already has experience with real estate. You will also need an accountant to help manage your finances. To secure one's business, it is highly advised to get insurance to get you covered at times that you need the most. Find a commercial insurance agent who can help you purchase the best commercial insurance policy for your coffee business.

When you have the team of experts that you need for the business transactions and requirements, the next search would be for the best coffee roaster. Do diligent research and check for the feedback on your prospective supplier. Do they deliver on time? Are they accessible via e-mail, social media, and telephone all through the day? When you check on coffee shops for sale ask them as well if they can recommend a good coffee roaster.

Next thing to consider is your expertise on the product that you are selling. Are you a coffee geek? Is your knowledge on coffee is enough to make things workable for your coffee shop business. There's more time to learn new things but it's important that you have the strong passion and initial knowledge about the beverage that you are about to sell. How can you promote it to your future consumers if you do not know anything about it? Read books and do research on the basics and the latest trends. What are the best kinds of coffee to use? What's the difference between coffee that are hand-picked and the ones that are mass produced? What are the best recommended brewing techniques? Also, do research about the best coffee accompaniments (pastry, waffle, cookies) that you can sell along with your prime coffee beverages. This will help promote multiple sales and increase your daily earnings.

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Opening Your Own Coffee Shop

Should you think about looking at a coffee shop for sale?

Many people are thinking about putting up a shop and going into business. Being your own boss seems to be a strong incentive. You are answerable only to yourself. If you are motivated enough and the business succeeds, you know that it is your efforts that have paid off. If things go according to plan, your shop may turn out to be a lucrative enterprise, not to mention a fulfilling and happy one.

If you are among those who seriously want to own your own coffee joint, you may be on the right track. To buy coffee shops seems to be a project worthy of serious consideration. The coffee industry is a promising one, particularly if you take a look at how things are turning out for people who acquire a coffee shop for sale in the market.

The market for coffee drinkers is a strong one. Time has clearly proved this. Boutique coffee is no longer the novelty it was first thought out to be when the first few coffee shops opened for business. It has become a staple and people have gotten quite enamored with the practice of getting their daily dose of caffeine from coffee shops instead of brewing it themselves at home. With a coffee joint, you are certain of getting your coffee exactly the way you want it – be it hot or cold – brewed, latte, espresso, au lait, marocchino, mocha, Cubano, Americano, latte macchiato, and many other mouth -watering and revitalizing coffee beverages.

You can offer more than just coffee in your coffee joint to perk up the business. People looking to buy coffee joints think beyond just coffee. You can include bread products and delectable pastries to go with the coffee. In fact, your coffee shop can sell more than just coffee for beverage. You can also include teas – and there is also quite a line up of variants of tea preparations, as well as sodas, fruit juices, and creamy shakes.

Meeting up with friends in a coffee cafe or shop has become quite an enjoyable lifestyle habit for many people. People go to coffee places to unwind – refreshing themselves with coffee, as well as with the opportunity to enjoy the company of family and friends. You can also see individuals on their lonesome in cafes – reading the newspaper or doing work on their laptops. The coffee shop has become a convivial place to hang out in. If you provide delectable nibbles and drinks, first rate service, and the right ambiance, your decision to look into a coffee shop for sale may just be the right one for you.

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Booklet Tips – Gathering Tips

Do you believe you have no time to gather tips from your expertise or to write anything at all? Is that the message running in your brain when you think of how terrific it could be to publish a tips booklet or create and publish any other information product? Here are some simple solutions to easily help you get beyond that.

1. Capture a tip when you think of it or see something worthy of passing along.

2. Jot down the unpolished essence of the tip, refining it later.

3. Speak it instead of write it as one way to capture it.

4. Think back on basics you learned when first exploring your current expertise.

5. Notice a challenge someone has, identifying one or more solutions for it.

Those suggestions replace the notification you may have that the only or best way to write your tips and create your booklet is by blocking out several hours some afternoon someday sometimes to write, to sit in front of your computer, or to speak into a recording device . Have you noticed the difficulty in transforming that approach into reality? It may still be on your list, either the one you've written or the one in your mind.

The spontaneity of everyday life often delivers some of the best ideas, ideas that are useful to others. Your mission is to notice the ideas, capture them, refine the presentation of how the ideas are written, and deliver them back out into the world.

Doing that helps many other people improve their life in some way, based on your expertise and your awareness. And it helps you create and expand a business for yourself.

Imagine you are a life coach who is committed to supporting professional women in creating more balance in their life. You hear your clients share their challenges during their individual and group sessions with you. Many of the challenges are somewhat of a theme and variations from one person to the next. You also hear many of them share solutions that they have found. That easily becomes grist for anonymously and generally sharing those solutions among your current and future clients once you notice the solutions you're hearing!

That is one of many ways to gather tips and recycle them. And that is a completely different approach than planning to spend several hours in front of your computer digging into the recesses of your mind or into the files on your computer hard drive.

ACTION – Increase your awareness through each day. Notice your thoughts, whether focused or in free association as you go from one topic to the next. Observe the people and situations around you. Staying in the flow of your life both literally and figuratively keeps you in the flow of being helpful to those you serve and have yet to serve. It's often more interesting way to develop a product since you are doing it while you are living your life rather than putting things on hold while you dig around for the next pocket of brilliance you possess or unearth.

“Turn Your Tips Into Products, Your Tips Products Into Moneymakers.TM”

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How to Find the Best Work at Home Jobs for Moms

Being a mom is one of the greatest honors on this earth. It is also a huge responsibility and can leave little time for other endeavors. In recent years, many employers have realized that there is a large untouched workforce in moms.

What Moms Should Look for in a Work From Home Job

It's no secret that there are thousands and maybe even millions of work from home jobs today, but what should a mom look for in one of these jobs? Many companies today are looking for work from home Customer Support Representatives. Moms are not always able to help a customer install a computer and keep track of the kids at the same time. Moms need a job that can be worked on in increments. Working for an hour at a time may not always be possible, but working for 5 minutes at a time is definitely possible. Secondly, jobs for stay home moms should be consistent. Many companies hire work at home moms for outstanding pay, but they rarely have work available. Most of those companies require moms to be sitting at or near their computer all day so they can quickly claim work as it becomes available. When choosing a job, moms should always make sure that there is an abundance of work that they can work on at any time. Forums, blogs, and review websites are a great resource for checking the amount of work available from most work from home jobs.

Where to Start

There are several broad categories that are great ways to figure out what suits a mom's schedule the best. These suggestions are a mixture of skilled and non-skilled positions. All of the suggestions in this section are great jobs for stay home moms.

1. Website Testing – Also known as “Usability Testing”. These jobs usually pay around $ 10.00 per job and take 10 minutes to complete. Usually, no experience is necessary and there are many great employers out there that will hire applicants immediately. The downside to this job is that there is not always an abundance of work.

2. Micro Jobs – Micro Jobs are compiled on database websites and allow users to choose from thousands of different small jobs. Each job is its own contract and has its own pay. Jobs usually last from 2 seconds to 2 hours. Micro Jobs are great, because they are so flexible! Workers can work for as little as 2 seconds, or they can put 100 jobs in their queue and be busy all day. There are always tons of jobs, but the compensation can be low sometimes.

3. Transcription – Transcription jobs are great work from home opportunities for moms. They allow moms to work at their own pace, have a decent pay rate, and usually there is plenty of work to go around. Transcriptionists take audio, video, or even text files and put the contents into a readable format.

4. Content Mills – One of the best jobs for stay at home moms is writing for a content mill. These companies compile requests for articles, blogs, copywriting, reviews, posts and anything else written on the internet and find workers to write these for a fee. Pay is typically great and work is consistent.

In conclusion, there are lots of great jobs for stay home moms out there, but it may take some trial and error to figure out what is best. The benefit of most of these work from home opportunities for moms is that moms are not limited to just one! Multiple streams of income is the best option for stay at home moms. Moms should find out what opportunities suit them best and then choose the best option on a daily, or even hourly, basis.

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A Comfort Zone Busted

Hooked up with a friend recently, and was curious about a major conversation we had back in July. I'll call her Jane to keep her identity confidential.

A few days after this initial conversation with Jane came her comment, “You took me way out of my comfort zone!”

Coaching Hat Cringe

In the midst of that conversation, I instinctively put my coaching hat on and took her on a journey of why she was not taking action to find the answers she needed.

There is a major health factor that now keeps Jane from working, ever. And her insurance company was regularly sending her notices about when she would be able to return to work. There was apparently some sort of deadline. Stress and anxiety took over her whole being.

At first I cringed, thinking I had over-stepped my bounds because she sounded quite put off by the very idea of ​​having to deal with this issue. As I left Jane that day, she was to take a couple of days and sit with her dilemma and observe what possibilities and choices were within her to create the lifestyle she absolutely wanted.

Nice & Tidy Lifestyle – Busted

As I took her on her journey, she began to feel like she was bursting out of her comfort zone. In fact, she even admitted recently that she went to great lengths to create a nice, tidy comfort zone environment, thinking it was going to stay this way forever.

My questions to Jane were,

“How could you take control over this situation you are facing?”

“If you had to go back to work, what are you capable of doing?”

“If you simply do not see yourself going back to work, what can you do to keep the lifestyle you are now enjoying?”

It was these very questions that 'made' Jane leave her comfort zone; but necessary so she could expand her imagination and come up with the possibilities, and then take action with them.

Discomfort Creates Lifestyle

Oh, Jane was upset with me for a few days, thinking I was the cause of her discomfort. In reality, she let fear and uncertainty take over. Her current lifestyle was being fired. And how dare I take her to a place where she had to come up with her own plan – to take control of her own life. Jane was quite cozy in her comfort zone box.

Jane's homework was to mind map her choices and options, and to take some time and discover her own possibilities. Once that was accomplished, Jane had to step through her fear and uncertainty even more and take the action she needed to get what she wanted.

Hit on the Head Got Results

As Jane looks back, this was exactly the 'hit on the head' she needed to secure her future. Jane now is set with the life she wants. All the necessary red tape and paperwork required is complete. She does not have to go back to work. And she is now looking into volunteer opportunities.

Jane sees more complete again, and now realizes that working so hard to squeeze her self into a comfort zone, and hope it does not burst, is not the answer to living the life she wants. As it was, her comfort zone did burst, leaving her dazed and confused, wondering what had just happened.

Possibilities & Choices Spill Out

I want to thank Jane for allowing me to be part of her journey. It reminds me of my own comfort zone (s). Thinking we can live in a world we comfortably create, in my opinion, is really inhibiting us from expanding and growing. We shut off all possibilities and opportunities.

To me, it has become all about taking our lives one step at a time. And with each step, take a good look around and see what is out there. We live in a world where possibilities and choices are spilling out all around us. Simply grab one of them and see where it can take you. Then grab another and another and begin to build the life you want.

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Is It Your Time To Be An Independent Business Owner?

Life in general is full of decisions, especially financial ones. We all have issues to deal with and we all have the same opportunity to become an independent business owner. If you are in an unstable job and are worried about your future, now may be the time to consider becoming an independent business owner.

There are four great reasons to take the plunge so to speak.

1. You can not get fired or laid off. How many times have you heard that someone has worked their whole life for a company and at the end they either get laid off or lose their job because they make too much money? This is becoming a bigger problem today because of the economy and corporate greed.

2. You have no boss that you have to deal with. Being an independent business owner will change your outlook and attitude about going to work. Being your own boss is like being reborn again in the job world. No asking for time off, no punching a time clock and you get to pick what hours that you want to work without the worry of being bumped by someone with more seniority.

3. You can control what income that you make. Let's face it, in the corporate world there is only so much that you can make with a company before you hit what they call the ceiling. As an independent business owner , you get to pick your own salary and you can get a raise whenever you need one. This simply does not happen when you work for someone else. There is no ceiling to the amount of income that you can make as well.

4. The most attractive thing is that you can become rich. Now you have to understand that most independent business owners do not become rich but at least there is a chance. If you are working for someone or some big company, you have no chance of getting rich because that is their goal so they keep all the big money. They are only going to give you enough to survive on a weekly basis also known as working from “paycheck to paycheck”.

It takes a lot of courage and sometimes risk to become an independent business owner , but there are a lot of businesses that take very little risk and spend very little money in starting up. You can research on line for those opportunities or you can find someone who has done it and is willing to help you do the same.
If now is your time, “Just Go For It”

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Booklet Tips – Absolutely Not

Using absolutes in your tips booklet can sometimes put a really impossible impossible on your reader. Think about the absolutes you might be inclined to use – words like always, all, forever, never – and consider how realistic it is to suggest such things, much less even possible to accomplish in certain circumstances.

Recommending to your reader to always do something a certain way leaves no room for error, creativity, exploration, or uniqueness. You may be using those words more for emphasis than meaning it literally. Your reader might not know that or be be able to make that distinction. Your audience may be new to your area of ​​expertise and not be equipped to determine nuances or any distinctions yet. And, after all, you are seen as an expert, and because of that, the assumption is you know what you're talking about and the reader may believe that what you're saying needs to be followed as thoroughly and accurately as possible.

Speaking of possible, telling the reader to look at all the possibilities for solving something is actually impossible. How does anyone know what all the possibilities are, much less if they have identified them? Yes, that is definitely different than referring to all the people in a well-defined group.

Advising the reader to always do something is another potentially impossible piece of advice, if not a great burden. Imagine how they may feel if they miss a beat and do not do something consistently every single time they do it.

“Should” is one of those personal pet peeves, especially when expressed as “you should.” It begs the question of “how do you know what I should do?” and can be seen as author in the extreme, in some situations.

This conversation in this article is more than a matter of semantics. Even if your reader is not conscious of the distinctions noted here when they are reading your tips booklet or particularly sensitive to the concept of absolutes, there is an underlying tone that moves you from being helpful and supportive to something else. That something is less desirable and probably the opposite of what you have in mind in sharing your knowledge and expertise.

ACTION – Review your tips booklet script and everything else you are writing to see if you have included any words that are absolutes – any of those words like always, all, forever, never, or even most. You need to know the entire amount to know if it's accurate to reference most. While you're at it, take a moment to consider how you feel when you encounter an absolute coming at you. It may bother you or not. It could be something that was under the surface that is now easily identified because of what you discovered here. Providing well-guided possibilities is a great gift you have in your power to give. Putting limitations on it is a gift that is less than a full measure. You'll see that the idea of ​​”give them everything you've got” is missing from the suggestion. After all, do you or anyone else know how much you really do have to give? Absolutely not.

“Turn Your Tips Into Products, Your Tips Products Into Moneymakers.TM”

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Choosing The Best Air System For Starting A Paintball Field

Which air system you choose for your paintball field will have a huge impact on the outcome of your business. Which equipment you choose for your initial inventory will have a direct effect on the size of the initial loan you acquire. Obviously, starting out with a large monthly bill will put considering more stress on your business, so it makes sense to be as conservative as possible with spending at first. Along the initial start up costs, you also have to consider other factors like how durable the equipment is / how long it will last and the overall convenience of it. A higher initial cost for better supplies to start out with may be worth it if it saves you money, hassle and time later. Even if the air system was cheap to begin with, it may end up costing you more in the long run with ongoing costs of air refills, maintenance and replacements of paintball guns and cheap air tanks.

A CO2 tank refill system is the cheapest way to go initially however comes with a few headaches. Your system will consist of a bulk size CO2 tank, refill equipment (hoses, gauges & scale), and portable CO2 tanks that attach to the rental paintball guns. Before air can be transferred from the bulk tank to the portable tanks, bulk CO2 tanks must be filled by a commercial gas company and you will be reliant on this source as long as you use them. This means your paintball field must be located within a driving distance away from a commercial gas company. If you're going to use CO2 at your field, it would be wise to check for a location of a commercial gas company before even starting your business. If there is a no source to fill your air tanks, your paintball guns will not work and you do not have a business. Fortunately, companies that refill bulk CO2 cylinders are not hard to find in most cities though if you live in a rural area, sources may be too far away and CO2 would not be the best choice for your business. Refilling your bulk tanks will be an on-going expense, tedious task and of the reasons to consider using a different air source other than CO2. Some gas companies offer a convenient trade-in program like they do for propane tanks and this can help save money.

Another important point to consider when deciding on CO2 as your field's air source is how hard this gas is on your other most expensive and important initial start up cost – the paintball guns. When CO2 is trapped in the bottle under high pressure, it's stored as a liquid. As it's released into the air (or a paintball marker), it connects to a gas. When it does this very quickly (like when a paintball gun is fired repeatedly), it's temperature drops and can cause the air tank + the inside of the marker to freeze. This causes the gun to sputter, malfunction and misfire until it warms back up again making for a dangerous lapse in action on the field. Being being less fun, freezing the inside of a paintball gun over and over again causes o-rings to break and many maintenance issues that will soon lead to replacement. If you're dead set on using a CO2 air tank refill system at your field, you should consider purchasing regulators for your paintball guns. A regulator is an accessory part that will 'regulate' the air temperature and warm it up before it goes into the gun, preventing freezing. These cost $ 10- $ 30 a piece and do not come stock on most rental paintball marks.

With all of this trouble, it seems few would vent into a CO2 air tank refill system for their business. However comparatively, the initial prices are what makes them the most popular. For a bulk size CO2 tank, expect to pay $ 1- $ 2K. Depending on the air tank refill kit you choose and how sophisticated you want to get, prices will range from $ 200- $ 900. Most fields start off with at least 10 paintball guns, meaning you will also need at least 10 portable CO2 tanks. These will cost $ 20- $ 30 each depending on the size of the tank you choose. This makes the total cost of a CO2 air refill system roughly $ 1500- $ 3500. While this may seem like a lot, it's very small comparing to a compressed air system, the other choice around CO2.

Choosing a compressed air system as the refill source for your paintball field may cost more up front although will save you much money and trouble in the future. This kit will consist of a bulk size compressed air tank, commercial size air compressor to fill it with, refill equipment, and portable high pressure air tanks that attach to the rental paintball marks. Of this amount of gear, the air compressor houses the largest cost, however will make you independent of any outside sources. High pressure air is also the easiest on paintball guns. It contains the same temperature and does not wreak the same kind of havoc on marks that CO2 does. This means your paintball guns will last longer and have less maintenance issues when you run compressed air. The constant temperature of compressed air also allows paintball gun better consistency and more accurate shooting for an easier (and more fun) time on the field.

For a high pressure air tank refill system, a bulk scuba tank or something larger can be used to cost around $ 3- $ 400. The commercial air compressor will cost $ 4-7000 depending on the size and type. Sometimes you can find cheaper prices by looking for a used one, however beware of the quality. The most cost effective hpa portable tanks are aluminum (not carbon fiber) and will cost $ 50- $ 75 each. For a field renting out 10 paintball guns, a compressed air refill system will cost roughly $ 5- $ 8000, significantly more than a CO2 system. While it may cost more up front, the most efficient air systems for paintball fields remain to be compressed air, yet more fields tend to opt for the cheaper, more troublesome CO2.

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Small Businesses Need a Start

As we appear to be living in a period of uncertainty with regards to the economy, employment and European community membership etc., the emphasis is on businesses to generate jobs, wealth and prosperity which is fine although I fail to see how new business ventures are expected to get started.

We need people to start businesses other there are no employment prospects for tomorrow – we can not just rely on the enterprises existing today. The problem is that if someone wants to start up and as in most cases has limited funds to pour into their ventures where do they start?

The first thing most will need is a business home – somewhere to trade from and this is where the first obstacle becomes evident. If you're living in rented accommodation more often than not you are not allowed to use the address for business purposes – this is the case for private landlords as well as council properties – so you need to get business concessions which often means a lease Egypt at least longer term commitment. Without a business track record that will not be easy, you'll also need to pay in many instances money 'up front' as a token of goodwill.

Banks despite their advertising campaigns are not very enthusiastic when it comes to new businesses, so money is tight – if possible at all. This leaves our potential job creators of tomorrow with very few options – we're not exactly encouraging them are we? If we're going to encourage people to start businesses, which appears to be inevitable, then it's got to be made easier. I'm not suggesting for a second that running a business is easy, but does the journey have to be quite so obstacle ridden?

With the failures of many 'big businesses' and with public sector jobs being discarded the only option for many will be to run their own enterprise, perhaps not out of choice, but need. Self employment in all its forms can be very rewarding financially and satisfying – although rarely 'plain sailing' – there is much to learn and in the majority of cases a new mind-set to be adopted.

Having been self-employed for 20 years I do understand the pitfalls, and that leads me to the conclusion we're just not helping tomorrow's creators today. This is a massive shame and very short sighted; people who have a 20/30/40 year working life in front of them need a 'leg up' now to start creating the prosperity and opportunities for tomorrow – after all us 40 plus folk will be reliant on the next generation soon, let's make sure they've got a chance.

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The Benefits of Good Credit Control Procedures in a Small Business

Credit control is important in a business especially for small businesses. This means that every small business should ensure that it collects its outstanding invoices. Some small businesses let their uncollected invoices accumulate which ultimately affects their cash flow and also the performance of the general business. This problem can be attributed to poor credit control and lack of knowledge on the benefits of good credit control procedures in a small business.

One of the primary benefits of good credit procedures in a small business is that there will be sufficient funds to ensure that the business runs smoothly. The outstanding uncollected invoices mean that the business has some money which is deemed to be available but can not be used in the operations of the business. This is especially a major issue in a small business which may not have enough funds to run the various operations without collecting the outstanding invoices as required. This makes it paramount for a business to ensure that it has set down good procedures of credit control so as to ensure the business runs smoothly with sufficient funds available.

Having good procedures is also important since it enables the business to know its reliable and trustworthy clients. This is because having good procedures in place will enable the business to explain to its various clients when and how the invoices will be collected. The reliable clients will keep to the payment terms and will ensure that the invoices are ready by the time stipulated by the credit control procedure. Through this business can identify the clients that keep to their payment terms and there before it becomes easier to extend credit to such clients since they keep their word.

Another major benefit of having a good credit control procedure in place is that the businesses are able to plan properly. This is because a small business with good control procedures will be able to know the money it has and the money to expect. As a result, the business will be able to budget even on the uncollected invoices since the laid down procedure will ensure that the outstanding invoices are collected on time.

A business can even get outsourced providers of credit control services who will ensure that all the outstanding invoices are collected on time. Having outsourced providers will give the business time to concentrate on other issues regarding the growth of the business. Certainmore, some outsourced providers even pay for the uncollected invoices and then go ahead to collect the invoices after the stipulated dates. This gives the small business the assurance that funds will be available on time to run the various operations of the business.

Good credit control procedures that enhance collection of a businesses outstanding invoices are also beneficial because it allows a business to control credit limits. Small businesses should have a limit of the credit to be extended. This means that these businesses should have a limit of the outstanding invoices. When the outstanding invoices surpass the set limit, the business may not be able to extend credit to other clients.

But with good credit control procedures the small businesses will be able to set limits and therefore be able to extend credit to other customers and also to those who outstanding invoices have been collected. Therefore, it is paramount for a small business to have good credit control procedures in place which will enhance their collection of outstanding invoices.

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Tips on How to Reduce Freight Cost

In general, freight is the cost for transporting merchandise from point A to point B. Freight includes the move's cost cost, from documentation, packaging, insurance costs, carriage costs, and pallet or container costs. The more your business establishment depends on the moving of goods, the more your business will benefit from lowering the overall freight cost. Being aware of the need to reduce freight costs is one important thing. The challenging part is finding a way to actually reduce freight cost.

Below are some helpful tips on how to reduce freight cost.

Shop Around
The very first and obvious step to reduce freight cost is to look around for the best rates. There are a lot of different carriers (local, national, or international) available today. You may be tempted to use the same delivery method or carrier company to avoid hassles, but this could cost you more. You'll have to prioritize the most important prior to shopping for and comparing freight rates. Different carrier companies have different strengths and could be able to give lower rates.

Use Express Delivery Only When Needed
If a certain cargo is absolutely needed immediately, use express delivery and ship others which are not really time sensitive. Different carrier companies also have various pricing range, so express delivery might cost more with one carrier compared to another. Also, you can save by a significant amount of money by making sure that all carriers that you use could accept shipments with dimension surcharges or additional oversize without additional charges.

Loyalty and Reward Programs
Use rewards cards as often as possible. Some freight forwarding firms offer loyalty programs that enable their clients to save. You could also earn cash or money. Some freight forwarders offer more rewards when shipments are processed electronically. Also, ask for volume or group special discounts through memberships with professional associations and leading freight forwarding companies.

Billing Accuracy and Freight Forwarding Brokers
To shop for freight forwarding broker systems, you can browse the internet. This way, you can find the best shipping deals online. Online freight brokers can also help in finding freight supplies sold at a lower cost. This is especially helpful when you are moving goods in bulk.

Billing Accuracy
Another way to reduce freight cost is simply by watching for errors in your billing. Keep in mind that everyone commits mistakes, and such errors could cost you if they're not noticed and corrected. Regularly audit your invoices for accuracy.

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How Does Technology Support Small Businesses?

Technology is changing rapidly, and small businesses are enjoying access to better software at more affordable prices. Below are just a few of the many ways that today's technology is supporting small businesses.

Software as a Service

Remember when it used to cost thousands of dollars for business software plus expensive licenses for each user? New software investments also often intends investing in new hardware capable of supporting that software. None of this came cheap, making it hard for business owner to keep up with larger ones with defect pockets. Today, powerful software is readily available in the cloud “as a service.” Rather than paying huge amounts up front, Software as a Service costs are typically spread out and billed on a much lower per month basis.

What types of software can you get as a service? Here are a few popular types of SaaS offerings:

. Small business accounting software
. Customer relationship management software
. Content management software
. Asset management software
. Office suites (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.)
. Email marketing software
. Project management software
. Human resources software
. Team collaboration software

Cloud-based software is accessible via a web browser, making investments in hardware virtual unheard of. Cloud service providers take care of all maintenance and upgrades, freeing small business owners from having to figure this out on their own or hire an IT tech to do it for them.

“As a service” solutions also grow with your small business. You can start out with just a few licenses and then add more (or remove) users as your needs change.

Data Archiving

It's not just software that now resides in the cloud. Document storage has also moved to the “as a service” model. For example, you're likely familiar with Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. A recent innovation in this space has to do with data retention and archiving.

According to Dolphin, SAP Cloud Computing Solutions such as Content Archive Service for Cloud allows small business users to archive data and documents in the cloud for transparent “anytime, anywhere” access (Source: Dolphin, Cloud Storage for SAP Archived Data and Documents). Dolphin's Content Archive Service for Cloud is a storage as a Service solution that connects to major public cloud providers like Google Cloud and Amazon S3. Cloud storage allows for cost alignments between SAP storage and the value of your data. For example, data you frequently use can be placed on high performance storage devices whereas data you need to archive but not necessarily access regularly can be placed in a lower-cost cloud storage service – at significant savings.

Merchant Services

Cloud-based credit card processing solutions allow small business users to ditch the traditional credit card processing terminal and process transactions online – or even on a smartphone with a small card reader attachment. Not only that, many cloud-based merchant services can be integrated directly within other applications such as billing software or an e-commerce store (Source: Accounting Today, Understanding How Technology Supports Small Business Success).

Small businesses now have access to the same enterprise-level applications their larger counterparts use, but without the need for huge upfront expenses. From Software as a Service to data archiving, merchant services, and beyond, cloud-based technologies are changing how businesses operate.

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The Benefits to a Small Business in Outsourcing Its Bookkeeping Requirement

In the current world of innovations, people are looking for new ways to make their businesses run more effectively in order to get maximum profits. Due to the recent global recession, increasing sales volumes has ceased to be an option for many companies, as the incomes of households are decreasing. The best option to maximize your business profits is to cut down the operating costs.

You could decide to lay off some employees. But this can have a negative impact on your company's operations. In order to increase the value of your business you require an efficient bookkeeping service. However, keeping track of all the transactions on your own is a big task. A small miscalculation can jeopardize the whole record and even your business operations. Availing a bookkeeping outsourcing service is the best solution in such a case.

With outsourced professionals handling your business's accounts, there are no errors incurred in the records. Once you are completely relieved of the stress of controlling financial statements, you can focus on your core business activities.

Compliance laws and taxation rules are constantly changing. It may be difficult for a business to remain aware of the new laws. An outsourced book keeping firm can relieve you of the responsibility of keeping up to date, and stress of trying to accurately complete tax requirements. In addition, some small business owners do not have the expertise to effectively undertake this vital part of their business's accounting, thereby risking potential taxation penalties.

As outsourcing firms have a healthy competition among them, you can be assured of the quality of the services offered by these firms. Sometimes in-house employees need to be pressurized. With outsourced firms, there are no chances of any work pending as all the financial records are always up-to-date.

The cost of using a payroll service can be high for a business that uses an outsourced service. The expense of employing someone to handle payroll can be much greater than using an outsourced bookkeeping service. A set monthly fee is normally charged, allowing for control in the amount of money spent. This assists in accurate budgeting so preventing unexpected accounting costs.

As added benefits, some of these firms offer additional services too. You can get organized reports right away from invoicing, billings, tax planning, projection to bank account reconciliations. They can also review your business on a regular basis and update you with relevant information and suggestions on how to increase your profits.

Your bookkeeping reports are available within a few clicks. You can easily access, retrieve or update your reports and records at any time. It is very convenient for small businesses as it helps in cutting down business running expenses.

Bookkeeping outsourcing services businesses are flourishing at a great speed. Firms are avidly seeking for this option as it promises to cut on their expenses. You do not have to make any investments in order to seek profits from an outsourcing firm. The entire process of associating with outsourcing service providers is naturally simple. All you have to do is to put down your requirements and then choose the most experienced one.

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The Benefits of Having Management Accounts Prepared for a Small Business

Small business owners should prepare management accounts alongside financial accounts. Management accounts are important for tracking, recording and reporting financial information for management purposes. There are no set standards for preparing managerial accounts and any business can design their own style according to their operation and business needs. There are several benefits associated with these accounts. Not only can small business owners enjoy the benefits of creating a competitive advantage but can also leverage the way they do business in their markets.

Reduce Expenses

Management accounts can help a small business to lower its operating costs. The information from these accounts will help the business owner to review the economic resources and other business operations. It helps them to understand the cost of doing business in their current situation. They will know the costs of producing goods and services and find out if cheaper raw materials will affect the quality of the final products and how consumers will respond. This will help them to source for cheaper factors of production and reduce the cost of doing business.

Improve Cash Flow

Management accounts involve a review of the budget in comparison with the actual expenditure. This is a good way for small businesses to understand their roadmap to the future. Management accounts will go through the company's financial history and come up with a master budget for the entire business. The owners will then know when to spend money and which items are either necessary or unnecessary.

Business Decision

Management accounts also help the small business owner to make appropriate decisions based on financial facts. Without these accounts, many managers make decisions based on qualitative analysis – this can be dangerous in the long run. Management accounts provide quantitative analysis for several decision making opportunities. Small business managers will be able to have a clear understanding of the implications they expect when they make their business decisions.

Increase Financial Returns

Small businesses can increase their financial returns using administrative accounts. This is due to the accountant can prepare a financial forecast showing consumer trends, potential sales and the effects of pricing strategies in the economic marketplace. The small business owner will be in a better position to know the amount of products to produce in the current market prices in an anticipation to beat the competition in any future price changes.

Determining Production Quantities

A company's intention is to produce more than one product or service using the same resources. For example, a baker will produce cookies and bread using the same resources. A good accounting firm will make use of the workers to perform both auditing and preparation of management accounts. This will help business owners to understand which products to produce most and which ones to reduce. This is a complex process that involves market demand analysis, capacity verifications, and costs of production and financial ratios that can be achieved through management accounts.

How Far To Process Products

Small business owners are often unable to clearly tell whether to process a product further or sell it in whatever form. Some think it would be more profitable to add value to the product while others prefer to sell it raw. Management accounts will help a small business owner to understand how far a product or service should be processed to maximize profits. The accounts show what happens when factors of production are increased even by one unit.

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