Company Seals – Tips to Consider When Buying Embossing Seals

Company seals are small devices used by companies, in which documents are put to be embossed. The word “seal” also reflects to the imprint made with an individual design on a material like paper, which shows or proves that it has come from a person / company claiming to have issued it. In other words, the document is certified by the company / issuer. This imprint may include features like name of company, logo, official address and other texts, where needed.

Company seals are also commonly referred to as embossing seals, corporate seals, embossers, embossing stamps and much more. What they all do is to create a visible imprint. You can even feel the imprint when you pass your hands on the material that you have embossed. That's how different they are from normal ink stamps.

Are company seals necessary?
In some countries like Uganda, company seals are mandatory. But in other countries, they are optional. However, most companies opt to use them on legal documents for authentication purposes.

Companies use company seals on documents like agreements, minutes of the board of directors meetings, employment contracts, loan documents, bank accounts opening, membership certificates and other legal documents or commitments by the company.

Corporations adopt company seals and change them according to their need and upon the approval of the company directors. These seals are kept in secure places to avoid landing into the hands of wrong people, which may lead to legal repercussions and loss of money.

Who uses company seals?
Limited companies use them to emboss documents with their name and logo. Professionals like solicitors and notary publics use them to seal documents they have signed with their name. Anyone can use a company seal.

Of recent, in Uganda, there is an increasing number of schools that emboss students' exam reports. They do this primarily to avoid forgery by the students.

What should you consider important when buying company seals?

Sh Shape

Company seals vary in design. The commonest design people use for seals is round. But there are square and rectangular designs. It all depends on what you prefer as per your taste.

Font Font type

It's important to select a font style that prints Clear on paper. It should be a style that does not cut paper due to sharpness of the characters.

The The price

Company seals are expensive. But prices vary depending on the brand of the device and the size. Prices also vary depending on where you buy it. Caution! You have to be careful not to make mistakes just because the price is low.

The The size

There are small-sized company seals as well as big ones. For instance, under the Shiny Brand, there are pocket seals, desk seals and heavy duty seals.

When using pocket seals, you hold the paper in one hand and the seal in the other to produce an impression on the paper. They are handy and portable. They usually come with a plastic case that makes it convenient to store and compact to carry. They are good for companies without much embossing work.

Desk seals are relatively larger than pocket seals. To emboss a document, you place them on the desk. They are good for companies with much embossing work.

Heavy duty sections are the largest. These, like desk seals, you put them on a desk to emboss a document. They are more durable than all the other sizes and good for too much embossing work.

Security Security

Since people normally use company seals on legal documents, agreements and contracts, you should take precautionary measures not to land in legal issues that might lead to loss of money. That's very important.

What should you do then?
Make your seal with a recognized seal maker. This is an established business that minds about its reputation. It's a business that will never reproduce your seal without your approval. It's a business that will design it with features that are hard for others to reproduce.

But most people commit this big mistake. In Uganda, there are street boys, who grab customers, claiming to be cutting seals. They get jobs from you, run to the seal maker who cuts it. They return to you with a finished product. When you pay them, they get commission. Where will you find again such a person? In case of anything, he is notiable.

Quality Quality

Good company seals are those that produce clear impressions. This depends on several factors. First, it depends on the quality of cutting, which depends on the equipment used to cut. Good cutting machines are computerized laser engravers.

Secondly, quality depends on the material one uses to cut the die. I've seen seals with dies cut from acrylic. This material is for other purposes like cutting labels. The best material for making seal dies is Delrin. But one can easily give you dies cut from acrylic. You'll use such dies for one year. Thereafter, they stop producing good impressions.

Thirdly, quality depends on the design. It's professionals who produce good designs. It's not just cutting. It's cutting to make a seal that will remain the same now and again.

Furthermore, quality depends on durability and rigidity. Seals reinforced with steel in their construction are durable.


If you are planning to make a seal for your company, get a seal maker that will give you what is value for your money. Generally, company seals are expensive worldwide. You should spend money on quality products. Beside, security is cruel!

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Build Your Startup Business Infrastructure on a Budget

There are quite a few steps to take when building a business from the ground up. This article assumes you have already gained a basic knowledge of these steps and are at a point where you have some funding and you are ready to put the building blocks of your business in place. If you are not familiar with the basic steps to build a business, I encourage you to go check out the multitude of publications you can find on the web and then come back and revisit this article.

In most cases, it is paramount to build your business in steps, being very careful how you spend the precious funds that are available to you, regardless of the source of your capital. By now you should have a list of components that need to be put in place, such as the IT infrastructure, including but not limited to email accounts, a website, internal software systems (both “canned” packages as well as custom software) and more. On the creative side, you will need to decide on your branding (logo and color theme). Then most likely you will need business cards, brochures, letterhead, fliers, signage and the like.

Building a business in steps (or increments) can be done, but you need to look for the right talent. At the beginning, you will be much better off finding individuals that are competent in several different areas. The less resources you have to employ, in most cases, the lower your spending outlay will be. If one individual can perform the duties of six or eight people, your budget savings should be significant. Later on, when things are taking off, you can replace these multi-talented individuals with dedicated resources, as each duty will likely become a full-time job. Over-staffing too soon can put you out of business in a hurry or put undue pressure on your business to perform sooner than it is capable of.

Let's turn the clock forward and consolidate your business is gaining traction. Let's say your multi-talented individuals just helped you get your business off the ground and now you are going to replace them with employees dedicated to specific business segments, or departments. It will be painless to replace them because they will be expecting it. Why? Because you bought them in as contractors. You have a lot of flexibility with contractors. If it's in your interest, and the contractor's interest, you can propose a contract to hire arrangement. Then if things work out well, you could bring them in as part of your senior staff since they will have such a good understanding of your business. Or, they could simply move on. There are many advantages to using contractors in a case like this. If things are not moving as fast as you hoped, you can reduce the contractor's hours to stay within your budget. You can cut them loose if they are not performing as expected. You will also save money because you will not be providing benefits, and in many cases, not providing a work-space for them.

Another smart move may be to secure certain essential services on an outsourced basis. These days, you can even outsource your human resource department. Outside services are becoming more popular these days. Such services take the worry out of keeping up with ever-changing legal requirements, minimizing the exposure to your brand new, fragile business. The cost is typically a lot less than in-house staffing for comparable services. A good service company will come with a guarantee (they will have an insurance policy) that protects your company should the service company fail to keep up with current legal requirements, unintentionally creating a liability for your company. It is not practical for in-house personnel to make such a guarantee. In that case your business is assuming the risks for your hired employees.

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Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts About Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Wireless technology is getting a wild card entry in our lives and sometimes it is the most talked about and desired technology by many offices and organizations. However, when it comes to temperature monitoring it is something about which industries are slightly doubtable. Some of the most current doubts are as follows.

• It requires extra cost.
• It's difficult to setup and use
• Its info sharing is not as fluent as wired systems
• It requires being in close premises for better connectivity
• Wireless networks are less secure

In the above points, there are many issues which are present in wireless technology but resolving them is very much possible. Also, many points depend upon the situation and place to place environmental conditions.

As far as the cost factor is a concern the cost of any wireless temperature monitoring product depends upon the type of work and features it serves. This point also implicates on wired temperature monitoring their prices also varies according to the features they provide.

Coming down to the setup part these devices are the ones which are accessible by anyone who has an internet setup in his home. These setups are not only easy to use but also they are accessible from almost anywhere.

Its info sharing is often fluent up to a certain radius after that, there might be a problem but for that reason, these devices are equipped with features like SMS triggering systems which alerts the connected person in case of any emergency. Along with SMS e-mails and buzzing alerts are additional alarming measures to overcome the odds. Also, this is also very important to consider that in places and jobs like a blood bank, cold storages, freezers, pharmacies, cold chain transport vehicles there is not a chance that a full-time executive is not available. Which is why being out of radius (for a weak signal excuse) is not at all possible.

However, there may be a chance that in-charge is out of range for a break. in such cases it is good to ask a person to be present during that period. Any good wireless monitoring system allows pairing multiple devices.

Sharing the information is as good as anything in these devices. They allow their users to input various timings and presets to save. These devices are equipped with sufficient storage space to ensure proper saving of minutes. Including detailed temperature, humidity, changes all available in the form of charts PDF and excel format. You can easily check these reports any time by logging in your credentials on the internet. Most importantly, these reports are mostly available on reading only access on servers ensuring data security and accuracy at the same time. Furthermore, the security feature enhancements due to the password protection which of course is a very effective measure in wired temperature monitoring systems as well.

There are many issues from which wired systems were dealing with portability, troubleshooting problems, power backup etc. Also, when it comes to troubleshooting it was extremely hard to do so as wires used to make things complicated like anything. Coming down to cost part there are times when the internal wiring damages happen in a WAN or LAN internet service. During this period maximum effort costs and manpower is wasted to get the things right. Fewer wires mean fewer costs and complications.

Unwired devices come up with internal power backup with no additional setups. Once charged they can work for long and continuous hours. Wireless temperature monitoring proves many times more promising than any of its competitors due to above reasons only. Any organization can overcome the so-called problem with these devices well if it consumes their features up to the fullest.

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Four Ideas for Building a Successful Miniature Golf Course

If you have ever been to a miniature golf course in a tourist area, then you are probably familiar with pirate and dinosaur themes. Big structures help the business to look more appealing from the outside, converting passing traffic into customers. Even up close, the public is quickly bored with a flat series of holes on reliably level ground. Design flourishes can make the whole game more enjoyable.

Find Your Giant Windmill
It may seem like a cliché in the industry, but a great windmill has always been a classic attraction. The blades rotate and momentarily block the path where putters need to aim. The obstacle adds the challenge of timing your stroke, and swinging too soon (or too late) results in laughter and frustration. Of course, your big feature does not need to be a windmill. Think of something large and memorable, preferably with movement or some other unique challenge. This is your opportunity to make an impression on guests.

Small Bodies of Water
Some beginners design their courses around routine rectangles of AstroTurf. When players see this simple type of miniature golf course, they think of how they could do better themselves. Water obstacles are one easy way to make the whole setting more impressive. Consider having streams and small waterfalls incorporated into a couple of the holes. Needing to avoid (or jump over) a small stream can make the experience feel more like a day out on the links.

Ramps and Level Changes
When descending into a hole on a lower plane, a ball rapidly picks up speed. Slopes add all kinds of fun calculation and challenge to the relatively simple task of lining up a shot. Slopes can take a ball off course or even send it back to the person putting, providing added opportunities for displays of skill and finesse. When designing the layout for a putt-putt golf course, it's critical to avoid being too simple. Playing at different elevations produces a more layered experience, and players at higher levels can enjoy a better view of lower sections to come.

Pipes and Transfer Tubes
There's no point in pretending that putt-putt is as skilful or complicated a game as actual golf. To help give players a sense of levity, it's often helpful to include challenges where the ball is funneled into a chute, exiting closer to the destination. Pipes of PCV can be incorporated during the construction phase, big enough to accommodate balls and straight enough to clean in case of blockage. For even more fun, give the players a choice of their initial openings; they can guess which one will put them in the best position for a final shot.

When you are designing a miniature golf course, there are clearly a lot of factors to keep in mind. It's also a great idea to decide on a primary theme or gimmick. Pirate and safari themes are common, but a theme is not enough on its own. Remember these tips so that your guests will have a fun time.

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Ways Startups Can Fund Their Businesses

It is one thing to come up with a viable business idea and quite another story to work on it and start a real business. Putting a business from down up can be quite a challenge, especially when you have limited funds. Youths particularly have financial issues when trying out their pilot projects and some boost is always welcomed. But even with the shortage of capital to start you off, you do not have to let your business idea to wash down the drain because there are a number of options through which you can get the funding that you need to get you on your feet.

Self-funding – It may seem impossible, but it is actually very possible for entrepreneurs to fund their startups. This can be through using personal debt or savings. If you have any assets to your name, you can also consider selling those to generate the cash you need for the business.

Cloud funding – Pitching business ideas via the internet have become very popular among entrepreneurs to get the funding they need. There are numerous groups that offer such opportunities where multiple investors interested in the business idea contribute the needed funds towards the business. Such groups, of course, have restrictions and you should be aware of such before pitching.

Small business lenders – There are lots of organizations that are always interested in lending to small businesses and through such loans you can get the financing you need to get your business off the ground. You may need to secure such a loan with some asset type and pay interest in a specified time frame.

Banks – Banks make business loans for small businesses available. This may also require some kind of security and a track record that gives the lender confidence in you. The terms will vary from one provider to another, so you can compare options to select the most suitable for your business.

Partners – You may not want to partner so soon into the business, but it is one of the easiest ways of getting funding for the business. Strategic partners add value to the business by aligning the needed resources and in some cases, they could prove to be good business advisers too. Your partner may choose to become part of the business team or not; just ensure the terms do favor you as well.

Angel investors – They are affluent individuals with the will to invest in businesses. The investors are now turning into investment groups so as to spread risk and to also pool research. You can use your local chamber of commerce to find out who is interested in funding new ideas and ventures or you can also conduct online searches to find out the same.

Family and friends – They are the people closest to you and may be willing to provide you with debt or equity funding that you need to get started. It may not be a good idea to sell part of the business to them and you must be careful how you go about it because if the idea fails it could be the beginning of ruined relationships and hurt feelings. Let them know of the risks so they are prepared for any kind of output.

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Obtaining Ariel Views For Marketing Or For Business Decisions

Hiring a professional to complete drone photography for you is a great idea! You can use the images they capture for marketing or for business decisions. Ariel views offer a new prospect that you and your customers do not get when you are looking at the place directly. Seeing it from a new angle can make a world of difference.


It is important to have effective and creative marketing for your business. With the images from drone photography, it is possible for you to do just that. You can give something refreshing that gets the attention of your niche market. When there is something about that marketing method that reels them in, they are more likely to make a buy.

When you successfully market your business, you get an edge on your competitors. Do not focus on just trying to prove you have a better product or service. Some of your marketing should be on diversifying the methods you use to reach your niche market. The connection you make with them can influence buying decisions.


You may have to give details for an inspection to be completed. However, some areas are harder to complete such a task depending on place or other factors. With the ability to use drone photography, it is possible to gather the information needed. Yet it will not disturb the area and it will not create a safety issue for anyone. This helps projects continue moving forward.


Business decisions are often based on the results from survey information. Yet that information has to be credible in order for it to offer you value. Basing business decisions upon survey results obtained through drone photography is a great option. It allows you to view the information and to see first-hand certain elements that will help you to make reasonable business decisions.


Ariel views can help you with mapping for future business growth and decisions. It can help you to develop ideas and bringing them to life. It can help you to pitch your idea to the group and to get them on board with it. Such mapping is a great way to see growth and changes that can benefit your business for the long haul thanks to drone photography.

Construction projects can also benefit from mapping. You may have to think about what barriers would be in the way or what would need to be cleared away. It is better to understand what the possible concerns will be and create a play to offset them than to live in and then have extra costs and delays for the construction project.

Finding a Provider

While there are unlimited benefits from drone photography, what you can gain from it depends on who you hire. You do not want to cut corners with this or the value will not be there. Find a provider who you can share your needs with. Based on that information, they can tell you what they offer that would help you to do your goals.

They may need to ask you for further information before they can come to the option phase. There may be elements of the process you did not think about. Do not worry though, they are the experts and they will help you to navigate through all of it.

Only consider hiring those experts with a proven record of taking excellent images and meeting consumer needs. They should be able to deliver a high level of professionalism from start to finish. You also need to find out when they can complete the work and the cost. All of this information can help you to make the best possible decision.

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Questions To Ask Before You Hire Someone To Film Ariel Images

Hiring someone to film Ariel images for you is a great way to see things in a new prospect. The value of drone filming continues to grow. Yet you need to ask questions and gather information before you do with hiring anyone. You need to feel confident they can do the job for you and the cost is worth the investment.


Not everyone with a website out there offering drone filming services really has the experience you need. Keep that in mind as you look around. You need to verify other work they have completed and how happy those customers were with the outcome. You need to ask the provider how long they have been involved with this type of service.

Ask about their experience on filming and flying the drones. They should feel very confident in the movements of the drones and how the cameras work. They should also have experience with editing the film and giving you a completed project that is amazing. Most of them use editing software for this part of the process.


Never assume someone offering drone filming has excellent equipment to work with. Ask them what they have in place. Then you can spend some time conducting your own research. They do not have to have the newest equipment available to offer you outstanding services. However, you need to make sure it is not so outdated it will not allow them to get great results.

File Format

Make sure the file format they offer for the completed work is something you can use. There may be compatibility issues that you did not think about. If they have a file format you can not use, talk to them about conversion options before you proceed with the work. You do not want to end up with filmed images you can not access!


How long will it take them to get out there and create the film, edit it, and get you the last results? You may be in a time crunch for the materials so you can not delay getting your hands on them. Some providers are very busy and it will be weeks before they can get you on their schedule.

Others will bump you up, but they are going to charge you extra fees to speed up the process. Make sure you know how long it will take and the cost to you before you proceed with hiring someone for drone filming. If you are not in a rush for the materials, you have more flexibility in this area.

Your Needs

Even though they are the experts, are they listening to your needs? It is important for drone filming service providers to hone in on what you seek. They need to be flexible to create something you can benefit from. Share information with them, answer questions, and make sure you are on the same page before you proceed with hiring them.

You may have a demand for something very specific to be created or filmed. Do not assume they are going to be able to do that for you. Instead, talk to them about the challenges and the complexity involved. You may have to pay more for such difficult projects so make sure you know about the fees involved.

Safety and Insurance

Only work with a provider of drone filming with safety measures in place. They need to be considerate of private land. They need to avoid taking risks that could cause damages to structures or harm to people. It is a good idea to only select a provider who has insurance coverage. This is not mandated but it offers more protection against issues.

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Small Business Benefits of Training Employees

Small businesses aspiring for growth need to keep an eye on performance improvement through online business training courses. To measure up to the ever evolving business world, small businesses need new skills to facilitate workforce gains and to generally meet the competent needs of operations in tandem with its competitors.

Small business training for employees provides an additional skill and exposure to the individuals and to the business. It is more flexible and less strenuous to do an online business training course. This consequentially improves your company to continue effectively. Most small businesses fail to recognize the beneficial aspects of training its employees. Among many other advantages that come with training are the following benefits:

To Effectively Improve Your Company's Competence

Training your employees will result in a better customer service, improved business skills, and growth in productivity. This absolutely makes your business more competent and competitive in the market. It is important to always advance the skills of the employees as the business world is dynamic and overly competitive. The direct tragedy of non-trained employees is the incompetence to match up the necessities of a contemporary society. It is important to consider an online business training course if the difficulty is time or cost of doing a recommended training.

Improving Loyalty and Staff Retention

As a business, staff retention is a saving to the business and its future prospects. Employees have their own aspirations for growth and they may want to venture out to look for that satisfaction. However, if the training opportunity is available to them, they find their professional growth in the business and are likely to stay longer. It is a fact that such training will definitely add them new skills and promote their contribution to the business as well as building their own-esteem. Giving them a chance to improve their skills makes them realize that you value them enough to invest in them.

Improved Business Prospects and Profits

The ultimate objective of running a business is to maximize an opportunity to make profits. Training employees makes them more competent and qualified to promote your business in the marketplace. This will have an effect and an increased business means more profits.

Makes Your Business Competitive

Stagnating is the worst effect that can kill your business, so by ensuring that your staff are constantly advancing, you continue to grow in business and remain competitive within the industry. It is expensive and very disorienting to employ new staff. An online business course for your employees can make them more eligible for internal promotions. Unlike new employees, you will have the benefit of a complete and knowledgeable staff for your business, who are people you know and you can trust.

Exposes Business Weaknesses and Skill Gaps

Training makes the business realize what they have been doing wrong and sinceforth, the business can more easily identify any skill gaps in the market and even within the existing employees. This will propel your business to work on filling the gaps which will assist the staff to fulfill their role effectively.


Training is therefore a valuable and substantial investment for the business. For the many businesses that may not have adequate time, an online business training course would be more appropriate. The staff will have a much higher sense of job satisfaction, which will improve their motivation towards their work and the business generally.

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Virtual Are CFOs Taking Charge of Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

Every business entity requires professional guidance at some point of time or the other. There are various nitty gritties in a business for which professional advice becomes necessary. In fact, deciding the next move can also be done only after consulting with an accounting professional. This is particularly true with regard to cash flow. This is one of the key aspects of running a business and since some amount of expertise is required to provide valuable insights for moving things at a consistent pace beneficial to the business. The Chief Financial Officer or the CFO actually looks after the cash flow in a small or medium business entity. According to Investopedia, the CFO receives more than $ 346,000 per annual to shoulder such responsibilities throughout the year including bonuses.

However, not all small and medium business owners can afford such expenses. This does not mean that they have no hope. There are virtual CFOs helping the medium and small business organizations in this respect. This is a recent practice and is anticipated to be continued over years. This practice is quite beneficial for the medium and small-sized organizations because they will not have to pay a chunky amount to the in house CFO. Small businesses with the assistance of virtual CFO can scale heights and reap benefits quite prominent to the business and conspicuous for the world.

Impressive Future Prospect

There are many ways in which a virtual CFO can aid in scaling a small business similar to that of an in-house CFO. In fact, sometimes it can be more beneficial to have an online CFO. The outsourced CFOs work with the help of cloud-based software remotely. This remoteness contribution in better performance delivered on-time. As the CFO does not have to travel, he / she can devote the entire time to improve the performance.

Online CFOs can not only provide faster financial reports but also forecast and analyze the condition quickly. There is an overall improvement in the performance. The quick and concise delivery of flawless reports and analysis puts valuable financial data in the hands of leaders to make best possible decisions. Making the most effective strategic decision within a fraction of the time originally required by in-house CFOs is truly beneficial.

Key Performance Indicators

KPI measurement is key to the expansion and development of any business be it small, medium or big. In this respect, an online CFO is extremely helpful in managing the KPIs properly and providing helpful and meaningful insights for the company's management. One of the most significant mistakes committed by small business houses is the overlapping of “actionable” data and data in general. They think that they are same. However, KPI must be calculated based on long-term goals; the strategies should impact in the long run. The KPIs should give you a clear idea of ​​where your business stands-how close or how far from your long terms goals.

For instance, if you are trying to reduce total number of unhappy customers by a certain percentage, the CFO could help you track customer issues along with favored reviews for a particular period. You can analyze the data provided by KPI and reduce a certain percentage of the negative points to find out where you stand in your business and how much you have progressed towards the goal. This is only a single instance on how a professional can help small businesses.

Improved Cash Flow

Increasing the cash flow into business is another measure of how helpful small business bookkeeping is. Managing cash along with stressing on liquidity to tax planning and way beyond that is looked after by an online CFO. The professionals also bring strategies and provide insights to ensure proper expenditure so that you can end up at exactly the place you wanted to.

These are some of the major benefits provided by small business bookkeeping and also by virtual CFOs. The work has become more precise due to the integrated online system which is beneficial for both the professional and for the client. Small and medium-sized business entities have reaped several benefits due to the online medium at low-cost.

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Xero Bookkeeping: Giving New Dimensions To Bookkeeping Methods

Literally, when someone talks about bookkeeping in front of anyone images of various accounting files appearing in front of your eyes with an accountant making entries of all transactions in those files and making the calculations to assess the percentage of profit or loss earned by the business group during the course of period. This, however was the scene of almost two decades back, because in later years with increasing use of computers in day-to-day activities the process of bookkeeping an easy task with help of specific software determined for the purpose.

Interestingly, in today's scenario, both methods of bookkeeping have almost become the folklore or used by people of the orthodox school. Today with the intensive entrance of internet in out day-to-day activities, bookkeeping has also undergone wide changes and now the business operators have wide options of online bookkeeping techniques that sometimes it becomes difficult for them to rely on which technique. This is primarily because of a user-friendly process of bookkeeping techniques provided by the accounting experts which makes it easier for business operators to access the financial condition of their business without being present in their office.

Xero Bookkeeping is one such process of bookkeeping which in recent years has emerged as the latest mode of bookkeeping by the business operators of generation next. The beginning of this bookkeeping process for the first time was initiated in New Zealand and later in the Australia, but going to various benefits enjoyed by it, especially by small business owners, the method was highly adopted in the United States and Western European markets.

What is Xero Bookkeeping: In simple words Xero Bookkeeping may be defined as an online accounting process which allows the storing of the customer data on the web server rather than on the hard drive of computer system. The storing of data facilitates the business operators to go through their accounting system, while they are miles ahead of their office in some other city busy in meeting their new client. The only they require to enjoy this process of bookkeeping is an access to the internet and login details of their account.

Benefits of Using Xero Bookkeeping:

1. As the process of bookkeeping is entirely web-based the business owners and clients are free to look after the details of accounts without any help of an accountant or the person looking after the accounts work;

2. Another interesting feature of this bookkeeping process is that if the business of a group is expanded in different locations with huge staff working in different offices. The accountants of different locations are able to access the accounting details of all branches any time without any concern of their location and time;

3. If the business owner has any question regarding any entry or transaction, he can get his doubts cleared from his accountant directly without considering the same personally in office.

4. The Xero bookkeeping also sports the feature of presenting the graphical presentation of financial statements according to requirement of business owners. This makes it easier for everyone to understand the financial growth of business group without starting the accounting details.

5. In today's era, when internet banking has explored its roots across the world, Xero Bookkeeping gets the account of business group interlinked with the website of the Bank from which the business group conducts it financial activities. Thus, the entries made in books of bands are automatically updated.

6. The accounting software used a couple of years back were not secured and therefore with little knowledge of hacking it was easier for hackers to make a suspicious entry in the accounts of business group. But Xero bookkeeping protects the accounts of business group from any kind of such intruders.

7. One more interesting feature which highly differentiates this method of bookkeeping from bookkeeping packages is as the data is stored on web servers, there are less chances of data lost due to any crash in the computer system.

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What Is Dual Method Carpet Cleaning?

By now, you've likely run into a few jobs where the carpet cleaning did not go as expected. This is due to either your methods or the type of carpet cleaning equipment you decided to use. If you're committed to growing your cleaning business, then it's an absolute must that you purchase the best quality solutions and gear. It's also essential to choose the right techniques or you'll just end up with a botched job.

Not all carpets and floors are built the same, so using the right method is key to getting great results. In most cases, this is not realized until after the floors dry (and after you're long gone). This leaves you in a predicament where your customers are dissatisfied with the work you've performed. The main problem seen in these cases is soil drying at the tips, leaving the floor looking less than clean.

One way to deal with this issue is to use the dual cleaning method. So before you switch your solutions and equipment, try using this technique with your portable carpet cleaning machine or commercial steam cleaners.

How the Dual Cleaning Method Works

It's common for upholstery cleaners to use this method, since they're trying to prevent the fibers and dyes from having a chemical reaction with the solutions. They end up shampooing with agitation, based on the type of fabric being cleaned. Then they will implement light hot water extraction to help loosen up the soils. This results to a great opportunity for the customer.

This same method can be applied during carpet cleaning jobs, providing the same results. It's a great option even when the carpets have heavily ground-in soils. Your best bet is to use a rotary scrubber with a shampoo solution. Afterward, use hot water extraction. Another option is to use hot water extraction, then utilize an oscillating or absorbent pad for the cleaning.

Majority of the cleaning stems from the additional agitation and suspension of the soil.

It's a Two-Man Job

You get better results when you have two people performing the dual cleaning method. This will hasten the process – one person can start the cleaning while the other is moving the furniture and preparing the cleaning solutions for the next method. Two people are not mandatory, but worth considering if you want to save time.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to having the right carpet cleaning equipment . With that, you can really make the most of the dual cleaning method!

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Be Excellent At This For Small Business Success

I like to think of myself as capable of most any task I take on. No doubt you do as well. Given sufficient time and resources, we can obtain the necessary knowledge and skill to do most anything.

Which is exactly why we should not do some things.

Some time ago I took on the job of remodeling our bathroom. We had purchased an older home and the décor was dated. My wife wanted (among other things) to have the 60's vanity removed and to install a porcelain pedestal sink.

Removal was a breeze. Breaking things is in my skill set. Once removed I placed the pedestal sink in place and began the installation process. A few hours and a lot of water later I sat on the floor, surrounded by hoses, gaskets, and various tools. I was dumbfounded as to why I could not successfully install this sink.

Just then my wife came in and asked, “Is there anything I can get you?”

“The only thing I need right now is a plumber” was my reply.

What seemed to be a straight-forward, simple yet easy task had turned into an epic challenge that I could not solve. And this is often what happens in our work lives as well.

No one wants to be incompetent. But admitting one's incompetence is often the first step in moving forward with a project. How much revenue has been sacrificed, how many clients have not been served, how many opportunities have been lost because we feel the need to do a task ourselves rather than delegate it to someone who already possesses skill and knowledge we do not?

This is most common in small business. To compete we need to be experts in accounts payable, receivable, human resources, payroll, tax compliance and strategy, marketing, advertising, sales, retention, and now social media too. It can overwhelm the most competent person just as I was overwhelmed by the seemingly simple task of installing a sink.

Each task can be mastered individually. But when it comes to the pace of running a small business, trying to master any one task on the fly is insurmountable. You're better off admitting you are incompetent and hiring someone who is. That way you can focus on what parts of the business you do well and get better results.

If you are good at selling but poor at bookkeeping, hire someone to do the bookkeeping and do more selling. You'll make more money because you'll be doing what you do well and outsourcing what you do not do well.

All the time you spend learning a new task and doing it poorly is lost opportunity time (not to mention poor execution which leads to higher costs as well).

And here's the real risk in not taking this approach; ever you will grow tired of doing the tasks you do not do well and you'll start to avoid doing it at all. And when things do not get done they create bigger problems that must be done. This will unduly call for hiring an expert.

To be successful in business today you must comply with regulation, compete with the competition, and communicate to your target clients why they should do business with you. Then you must close the sale and do everything necessary to retain the client. No one person can do this well for very long. Soon you'll have more to do than you personally can.

If you intend to grow you will be best-served to learn this now: The best business people are very good at one or two things and excellent at delegating or outsourcing the rest.

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Why Social Media Is Important to Your Small Business

1: It finds your customers and builds clientele

Many of us use Social Media on a regular basis. We use it to stay on top of what's trending, follow our favorite businesses, post our personal beliefs and so much more. I'd like to think of Social Media as the new “office water cooler” — People are out there talking and they are waiting for your business to show up so they can discuss what you have to offer.

Customers need to trust a business, service or product before purchasing. People tend to trust their friends and loved ones more than anyone else. So, if your customers hear from someone trustworthy, about your product or service, it is reasonable to believe that they are more likely to purchase what you are selling. You could very reasonably market your products and services using, mostly, word of mouth.

Best way to promote your ideas on Social Media is by having your friends and family help you. They can share your business posts / pictures / videos on their accounts and your business will potentially be in the hands of hundreds of new customers. “Sharing is Caring”, Right?

2: It gives you an idea of ​​what people are saying about you and your business

You can keep an eye on what people are saying about you and your business and respond to all posts, good and bad. You can use Google Alerts ( to see who is talking about you and your brand. On Google Alerts you can create “alerts” with keywords like your name, business name, etc. and when Google finds those in the search engine, they will email you the sites that match those keywords. This is a great way to see what people are saying about you across multiple Social Media Channels.

3: Allows you to get to know your audience and customers.

Social Media opens up the line of communication between business owners and millions of potential customers. Wow! Millions of people could possibly become your customers, that kind of marketing would have been hard to do in the offline world. Communication is key, this is how you will get to know who your customers are and why they fit into your target audience.

You will be able to generate a variety of content to market your products and services. When you are creating great content, your customers will take notice. They will start commenting and reaching out to you. This is your chance to interact with them, have a conversation in real time.

Your goal with content is to get a response from your customers, so you can build a relationship. You can create content such as polls, surveys, contests, videos, Live Q & A sessions, and so much more!

4: It's an easy and natural way to get your name out there! It introduces your brand and builds awareness.

For the most part Social Media is FREE. What? Free Advertising / Marketing? Yep !! You should be on a variety of Social Channels and create and post engaging content. This will allow your customers to see exactly who you are and what your product / services do for them.

Your business is more accessible this way, think 24/7! People can find you at all times across Social Media. An accessible business means a more trustworthy business, meaning customers can start to build that relationship with you when they can find you.

• You can create customer testimonial videos and add them to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

• Let people know about new products, giveaways, partnerships, sponsorships, discounts coupons, etc.

• Brag about yourself! What are some of your business achievements? Your potential customers want to know about them.

• Create buzz! Get the word out there by creating a recognizable identity for your product, service and brand.

• You should establish yourself as an expert. Use forums and message boards to answer questions professionally, honestly, and correctly, which will earn you respect as an expert in your field. People will then look to you for answers. You can even use a variety of apps such as Periscope, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram to run “Live Q & A” sessions.

5: Go where your customers / clients are! We all use Social Media – we can engage in two-way communication in real time.

Oh my, how many people are out there using Social Media? A LOT !! I say that Social Media is the new “Google Search”. People are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to find and follow local businesses. It's quicker and easier to engage with a business on Social Media than actually taking more time to do a Google Search and visit your company website.

So, go where your customers are! Your competition is already using Social Media to market their business, so do not get left behind. Check out the list below to see how you can get people talking and sharing on Social Media.

• Share industry news, upcoming events, new hires – what can you share to get people talking?

• Great way to promote upcoming client events. You can let your customers know who you may be partnering with, spread the word about other local businesses too.

• Make it easy for potential customers who see your content recognize you as someone who can help them.

• Share links to interesting articles, websites or videos. Use words that grab the readers and encourage them to click the link.

• Talk about an event that you attended or are attending. Invite your audiences.

• Be Helpful: Produce content that introduces new knowledge or assists in professional decision making.

• Be Interesting: Spark conversation around a news event, cover the latest posts from an industry influencer, or create an infographic about your business. Just keep it fun and fresh!

• Help them help others: We want information that we can share to our network. Sometimes the information that you put out there may not refer to your actual customers, but they may know someone who may need what you have. Here, sharing! They share to their friends and family, and your business now has the potential to help even more people, maybe even new customers.

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Is Dubai an Incubator for Small and Medium Businesses?

Small and Medium business setup in Dubai, is one of the most demanding options of company formation in the commercial capital of UAE. Small and Medium Enterprises also known as SME's reflect the positive and swift growth of the economic system of Dubai. As per some of the news reports in 2015, the SME's epitomize over 95% of businesses regulating in Dubai alone, providing 40% workforce and also liable for the continuous upsurge in the GDP. Certainly, there are no disconnection to state that SME's have become the driving economic force of Dubai as well as have contributed towards various other Emirates.

While Dubai has focused on rolling in knowledge-based business models and innovative global enterprises, the Small and Medium sectors act as a bargaining strength to this new agenda. However, growth of SME's has in turn gathered a lot of attention within the business community around the world as well, creating new-fangled expansions. The Dubai Government along with the Dubai's Department of Economic Development under the agency Dubai SME has taken the initiative to widen the horizon of SME's by encouraging development in the related sectors. These will be rationed on the grounds of human capital, financial and non-financial investment, corporate governance ideologies, and self-assessment.

The small and medium enterprises are backed by countless variants in the city, that positively positions Dubai as an incubator for the SME's. Let's Check out some of the most important characteristics contributing towards SME business setup.

Below are the characteristics that state Dubai as an incubator for the SME's:

  • Pro-Business Government

The Dubai Government has always been welcoming towards the foreign investors and when maximum revenue is subsidized from the SME segment it is unquestionable of the government to favor this sector. Moreover, Dubai has an exceptionally proactive pro-business government, with most translucent business protocols in the region.

  • DED backed Dubai SME agency

The agency of the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai – the Dubai SME, was formed to, direct and develop the small and medium enterprise and business formation in Dubai. Every interlude, the Dubai SME comes up with new interventions so that the SME sectors have constructive outcomes with regards to growth-orientation leading to economic upliftment. The Dubai SME creates initiatives for SME's, mends laws to fortify the sector, identify and elevate potential of the organizations and forms various other encouragement schemes.

  • Private Sector Partners

Claiming the statistics, almost 95% of the business setup in Dubai, are SME's out of which 72% belong to micro-enterprises. Furthermore, the GDP ratio also shows that trading SME's have 47% GDP, service sector SME's account for 41% and another 13% stands for the SME's related to manufacturing – so seeking heavy economic gains the private investors pursuit to capitalize on this market.

  • Flexibility Business Modul e

SME business formation in Dubai offers an extremely flexible business module in correlation between intense customization and supportive business procedures. SME's also cater to diverse information systems and integrated standard interference. In simple words, SME's provided a tailored approach towards business setup's that are least compliance through economic restrictions.

  • Better Sustainability

With less financial risk and trivial tactics, the growth of the small or medium scale enterprise becomes easier and thus leading to sustainable progress system. Apart from this, the profitable government intrusions and prevalent private sector partnership has also formed a security stimulating sustainability in SME ventures.

  • Economic Diversity

The rise in innovation and knowledge-based business has promoted economic diversity within the SME's. This has also created an opportunity for visionaries and innovators to join the main stream, has helped budding entrepreneurs and small scale businessmen to enter the commerce.

  • The Expo 2020

The upcoming Expo 2020 has also allowed the SME's to endeavor into new prospects and pioneering procedures, reassuring these enterprises to participate several projects with heavy investment arrangements from the government – with an objective for the sector to progress further.

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Business to Business – Look For the Less Glamorous Accounts

As a former franchisor and service sector operator I have an important piece of advice to discuss with you today. You see, these days I do a bit of consulting and then, am constantly reading business plans for small business start-ups. One thing I always find is smaller companies always seem to want to immediately go after high-end clients, consumers and customers – and, if they plan on doing business-to-business contracting, the young and often naïve entrepreneurs tend to go after big brand name corporate clients. Still, I recommend a different tactic in this realm, let's talk.

Sure, it makes sense to go after the high-end customers and name brands, but do not dismiss the less glamorous businesses to do business with. Have you ever heard the saying; “Sell to the masses and live with the classes?” Makes sense right. In fact, when operating my companies we never forgot this strategy. I find many entrepreneurs want to get their product into Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, etc. Or they want to partner with Starbucks, Apple, Nike or Google, but be careful, those companies have the pick of the litter, everyone wants to do business with them, so they always get the best price, meaning you'll make less money and have to work on volume to make a profit, and you'll have to invest big to upgrade just to handle the account – so in essence you are buying the account, not just getting the account.

In my previous company we did on-site contracting cleaning and had sales teams and worked off a Bonzai-Blitz Mission marketing strategy, one which works for any company doing B2B services. What we found was the less glamorous type accounts; cleaning garbage trucks for instance actually paid the most money because no one else ever bid on the account.

Indeed, we ended up cleaning all sorts of things that no one else was competing for such as cleaning off Solar Panels, Restaurant Patios, Garage Doors, Awnings, Rain Gutters, Driveways, Gazebos, Artificial Drought Resistant Grass, Jacuzzi's at Hotels, Storm Drains , Locomotives and Rail Cars. It was really amazing how easy it was to secure a strong cash flow without ever having to lower our bid to get the work. That's not to say that becoming a vendor for a large company will not be lucrative, it can certainly be, but also realize how many companies have gone broke trying to perform with razor thin margins as a vendor of Sears or Wal-Mart.

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