Secure, Dependable and Affordable – Not a Girlfriend, But Poly Mailers

Secure, dependable and affordable are the qualities one look for in a partner! It is a basic human nature to find the right person who gives you a feeling of security, one you can depend on and afford as well. These emotional needs are not just limited to a relational significant other, but to products too. When you buy any product, you as a buyer typically look for all these qualities which fulfill the needs.

Shipping goods is one of the largest businesses as the global market has shrunk in size. Goods can be ordered online from anywhere in the world and it gets delivered everywhere too. From on aspect, in order to successfully maintain safe delivery, product must be packed in shipping envelopes which can withstand the ruggedness of transport.

Poly mailers are ideal for various delivery tasks. The key is to choose poly mailers that are made from premium polyethylene with solid interior bubble cushioning. These types of mailers are most suitable for shipments that need excellent protection.

How to Find the Right Poly Mailer

• It should be made of superior quality polyethylene
• Poly mailers should be puncture proof, tamper proof and water proof
• The mailer should be compatible with the purpose it is being used for
• Choose a size that enables you to ship uneven sizes, small or fragile products

Why are poly mailers better than corrugated boxes?

Mailers or shipping envelopes come in various thicknesses and sizes. You have the option to choose the size as per the product you are shipping. Mailers are provided to deliver items securely, because they are capable of handling bad weather conditions.

You can advertise your business on these mailers and create awareness among the receivers about your company or product too. This joins new customers and satisfies existing clients as well.

Generally, most leaders in the field of online packaging offer high quality envelopes or poly mailers on their sites for a reasonable rate when you order in bulk. By doing so, it saves you money and helps your business grow. However, only a few online packaging supplies sites offer free shipping which further saves money- remember, money saved is money earned!

The market segment has stretched across the globe for any and every product. The consumers mostly order online from the comfort of their home or office. You as a seller can order poly mailers in bulk from reputed, leading online portals to create your own brand image and ship the products to the buyers. When the product reaches the buyer in proper condition, you as a seller earn a few brownie points which can ensure repeat business for you. Sounds weird but, using the proper shipping envelope can actually improve your business and profits.

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Your Success Is Directly Proportionate to Your Ability to Be Incredibly Honest With Yourself

A few weeks ago I completed my first ever marathon. Crossing the finish line at the 26.2 mile marker was my gift to myself for my 61st birthday.

It's likely I hold the distinction of being the last to cross the finish line for the 2015 Eugene Marathon and yet, as many of my friends and collections have said, “You finished.”

The challenge with believing finishing is as good as it gets is that I'm fooling myself to believe I did my best. Looking back I know I could have done a heck of a lot better.

Here's why …

From the start, I hired a coach to work with me. My coach recommended a three prong approach to the process.
• Power walk training
• Healthy eating
• Resistance training

It did not take but a few training days to notice the number of parallels in training and completing a marathon to running a business. I became keenly aware as to why many people barely reach their potential in any way they attempt.

In order to be successful we have to be willing to get really honest about what we are and are not doing to reach our maximum potential.

We also have to have a multi-prong approach to what we do. In business this includes product / service creation, marketing and sales. There's more than just these three, but for the sake of this post, I'll use the comparison of product / service creation, marketing and sales.

In addition, we have to manage our own talk. You know the talk … it's that part of us that tries to get us to quit or to say, “What in the world were you thinking?”

Although I completed the marathon, I can honestly say I could have done much better if I would have balanced the three prong approach my coach recommended.

From the start my primary focus was on training every day to improve my time and distance with power walking. Although I would occasionally eat the way my coach recommended, I was not consistent. Nor was I consistent with the resistance training.

I wanted to do the “fun” stuff. How often do we see this in business? Entrepreneurs are often very creative individuals. We love coming up with ideas. We love mapping out those ideas, but more times than not the areas that are missing are marketing and sales.

Entrepreneurs fool themselves into believing they are doing all they can to be the best at what they do, but fail to put as much effort into areas that may not be as much fun as the creation side of things.

One area that is critical to our success is to have the clarity, energy and focus to get things done. Running a successful business is not just about creating ideas, it's about implementation.

If we do not have the energy for implementation we are shortchanging ourselves and our customers and clients.

One of the most immediate ways to improve our energy is to notice what we are putting into our bodies. It's most likely most people have heard, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

On the flip side, “Good stuff in, good stuff out.”

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Additional Things to Know About Getting Into the Coffee Business With a Mobile Cart

So you now have your registration and other business documents ready for your mobile coffee cart coffee business. What other things do you need to know?

Make sure that you have a good business plan that will serve as an effective road map for your coffee cart business. Some individuals may think that starting a business with a small coffee cart should be easy-breezy and does not require a business plan at all. Going into any business, no wonder how small, requires planning. You can not decide to simply wing it and succeed. You have to have a plan and a vision. A solid business plan will help you succeed; you may even have several coffee carts or even go into franchise licensing before you know it. Without a plan, you may be looking at a failed business.

Go into the coffee business envisioning your cart to be the one with the best-tasting fastest-selling coffee in town. Look for the best ingredients. Look into the different coffee beans available, as well as into the variety of creamers and flavoring syrups you can use to jack up the taste of your brand.

Cultivate your market. Prepare brochures to showcase the finer points of your coffee, as well as your availability. Make sure to include all the necessary contact information so that prospective clients can easily get in touch with you should there be a need for your services.

Be assertive in the use of the many social media tools now available to campaign for business. Try to reach as many people as you can. Use the more traditional and tested marketing methods. Give out flyers. Promote and host fun and interesting holds to make people notice your presence in the market. Put attention-provoking ads in the local newspapers, bulletin boards in various schools and neighborhoods, as well as on the local websites and classified ads sites online. Go the route of radio stations and television for advertising your business. Make signs and billboards and put them everywhere. Use all means available to create awareness and develop interest about your brand.

Cultivate the small organizations, offices, and businesses in your vicinity. Ask them if you can set up your coffee cart business where they are to make coffee drinks for them in time for their coffee breaks or lunch breaks. Get in touch with wedding coordinators, events planners and other professionals in this field. They can give you contacts and recommend you to their clients.

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Getting Into the Mobile Cart Coffee Business

When it comes to the coffee business, mobile coffee carts are all the rage now.

A lot of people who love coffee and want to go into business selling this item are sometimes at a loss about where, when, and how to start. There seems to be many things to consider before you can start your business.

If you are a newbie in the field, you can begin at a pace that is manageable. You can go into the mobile coffee business.

There are fewer requirements. You do not have to have a shop or storefront to start operations. You do not have to have a lot of people to help you run the business. And you do not need a large starting capital.

What are the things that you should take care of?

Find out how to make excellent coffee or hire someone who already knows how.

Register your business with the appropriate local agencies. If you intend to handle the business by your lonesome, you have the option of registering it as a sole proprietorship. This demands less paperwork and is way cheaper than having to register it as a corporation or as a limited liability business. Some cities and countries will require a business license.

You will also have to get a food service license from the duly designated state office. The agency which regulates food services may vary. Find out which one is tasked with services related to the coffee business and obtain authorization from them.

Choose a mobile coffee cart that best meets your requirements. Look for one with the basic calculations – one for storing flavouring syrups and coffee, as well as a refrigerated one to store whipped cream, milk and creamer. If you plan to serve iced drinks, make sure that the cart has a freezer where you can keep your ice in – although you can also opt to simply get portable coolers for your ice and dairy items, if you want a less expensive mobile cart. If you are limited by a lesser small capital, you can also look into the possibility of getting a coffee cart second-hand.

How do you intend to transport your mobile coffee cart to the locations or events which will give you good business? You can either buy or rent a vehicle for driving around and taking your cart to events. If you have a small cart, you can get a pick-up and put your cart on its bed. If you have a larger cart, you may need to have a trailer to hitch to your pick-up.

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Getting Into the Coffee Business for the First Time

If this is your first time to invest in the coffee business, it may be worthwhile to learn from the experiences of other start-up coffee business shop owners. You have to watch out for pitfalls that others businessmen have fallen into.

Do not use all your money to buy very expensive state-of-the-art kitchen appliances right away. It may be wise to put your money to better use by spending on the areas of marketing and customer experience. State-of-the-art equipment are good things to have. However, they may wipe-out your budget in one single swipe without clear assurance of making your business financially sustainable. In the same manner, put value on the essentials. Service that is fast, reliable, and friendly is more important than coffee art.

You have to plan out your shop's lay-out carefully. Some owners just pay attention to making the shop look attractive. While there is nothing bad about this, you also have to bear in mind that ergonomics is just as important. You have to make sure that everything is efficient – from taking orders, to preparing and serving food, to settling of bills.

Although you are in the coffee business, you have to use the coffee-plus strategy to generate more profit. Expand your menu to accommodate events when people would want drinks other than coffee. Have soda, tea, and juices on hand. Make sure that you have delicious bakery items to accompany the drinks.

Do not focus irrationally on wastage. A well-run café will have waste, whether you want it to or not. Many businessmen who are new in the food or coffee business are appalled by wastage. They try to avoid this by reducing the number of products that they put on display or by holding on to food that have gone beyond their “best by” dates. Bear in mind, however, that customers are not attracted by near empty shelves. They are not likely to return to your coffee shop either if they experience even the slightest suggestion of food gone stale.

Do not make the mistake of focusing on just making profits, especially at the beginning. Some businessmen who do so tend to choose suppliers who give them the lowest price, not caring if the supplies they get are of a distinctly lower quality. They also tend to be obviously stingy with proportion size, worried more about making a bigger profit than on making the customers happy. If you are able to cultivate satisfied customers who will loyally patronize your coffee shop, you will eventually win the game.

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Important Considerations for a Coffee Business

If you want to go into the coffee business, you would of course want to succeed. There is no one sure recipe for success, however. Experience, hard work, and luck are all essential. There are certain critical areas that you should pay attention to if you want a financially sustainable coffee business.

Prepare a well-thought out business plan. Do not expect to have everything fall into place without a solid plan to guide you. Planning is essential. Having contingency plans is necessary. Some businesses start without even having half a year of operating capital, demonstrating a clear lack of forward planning that can easily lead to failure. If you do not have extra funds for contingencies like a broken coffee-maker, this is a sure recipe for business breakdown.

Spend time in thinking and designing an efficient floor plan. Visualize where customers will form lines. Plan out the work areas so that coffee and other items on the menu can quickly be prepared by your staff – with all the things they need within easy access. Envision a seating area that is snug and relaxing for your customers. Make sure that you put down all your ideas on paper.

When you are just starting, do not be tempted to hire as many people as you can afford. Hire some neighbors and friends on a temporary basis first. Then study the work flow and your staffing requirements based on actual need. Hire staff and bring them on board slowly. Do not give your full trust straight on. Keep a sharp eye on the register. If you make a mistake and hire a bad seed, do not be afraid of letting go.

Push to make multiple sales. People will patronize your coffee shop if you sell good coffee and your place is a relaxing and comfortable place to be in. Do not rely on just the coffee sales. Serve other things that go well with coffee – cakes, cookies, muffins, among others. Offer other beverages as alternatives to coffee – soda, juices, and tea.

Keep your standards high. Serve the best coffee and food. Keep the workplace efficient and neat. Streamline the workflow to provide fast and competent service. Train your employees and always demand them to give your best. Remember, however, to lead by example. If your people see your passion, your industry, your dedication, and your commitment to excellence, they will try to follow suit.

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Essential Things to Help Make Your Coffee Business a Success

A successful business does not just happen. You have to take care of some essential things to make success more likely. What are some of the important things you should pay attention to in putting up your coffee business?

Hire good staff. Get a good accountant to handle your books. Hire service staff who love people and enjoy providing good and cheerful service. Get a bartender who takes pride in serving really good brew. Make sure that all your people get good training.

Market your business before you open your coffee shop. Some people think that marketing starts when the coffee business starts. They can not be more wrong. Before you even open, you should have people already excited over your shop and what you can offer. This is the only way to make sure that you will have a lot of customers by the time you open your doors to the public.

What are some of the things you can do to cultivate this excitement – things that are not too expensive for a start-up business?

Distribute fliers promoting your opening day. You can give free coffee to businesses near your shop which employees present clear potential as prospective customers. Before your opening day, attend some of the local events with your fliers and your coffee samples.

Use social media. It is easy to set up and use these channels to advertise your coffee business without having to pay a dime. You can also put up a manageable direct-mail campaign to send coupons to the local residents. Make phone calls. Inform the local media about your new coffee shop.

Most business people tend to focus on their shop's interiors – the paintings on the walls, the flowers on the vases, the colors of the walls, the accessories, and other similar details. While this is good, do not underestimate the advantages that the exteriors can give you. Be attentive to your signage, your landscape, the front of your store – all these are among the very first things that will catch people's attention and induce them to come into your shop. Give them the attention they deserve.

Cultivate a positive attitude. Setting up a coffee business can be pretty stressful. Do not balk in the face of challenges. Try to stay upbeat and optimistic. This attitude will rub off on the other people who are working with you; it is a beacon to good business.

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Things to Consider Before You Start Your Coffee Business

Do you love coffee with a passion? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you a people-person? If your answer to these three questions is a resounding “yes,” then you may just have the time of your life getting into the coffee business and opening your very own shop.

You may dream of sharing your incomparable brew with other people but getting into the coffee business takes a lot more than just excellent brewing. What do you have to do to translate your dream into reality?

Do not make the mistake of underestimating the business that you are getting into saying that “It is JUST a café.” Make a concrete business plan. This plan should spell out in detail the type of business you intend to put up, identify your target customer base, survey competition, map out strategies for business growth, and present well-studied strategies for trouble-shooting should there be obstacles to your business goals.

Look for a good location. This should dovetail with your vision. Studies show that there are places which have a high probability for success for a coffee business. A location close to universities and colleges is one, particularly if it is right within a commercial street. One which is located right in the heart of a business district downtown is another. You may also opt to put your shop in a big office building. Or you may choose a neighborhood with busy commercial streets. If you intend to have mobile carts and kiosks, putting them in an airport or a large medical facility is an excellent idea. Strip malls and shopping malls are also first-rate locations, specifically because of the heavy foot traffic in these areas.

If you do not have the funds to put up your coffee business, you can talk to family and friends to invest in it with you. You can also explore the possibility of getting a loan from lending agencies or the local banks. Find out if there are business assistance programs available in your city.

Before you purchase things and supplies for your coffee shop, make sure that you explore more than just one option. Do comparison-shopping. Get online to research where you can get all you need at best prices. Make sure that you get quality items to last you a long time.

Do networking to market your business. Look up the local charities, business associations, and the local chamber of commerce and see if you can join some of them. This will help you in your business.

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Booklet Tips – Can Get Tips Online

People may question you about why it makes any sense at all to bother creating a product from your bite size brilliance when so much is already available online. After all, in many settings, it is now an online world, supported by endless electronic devices to access that online world any time of any day or night. So then what is the point of gathering and producing your information product in any format online or offline if the information is all so accessible online?

It boils down to how someone wants to use the information you have, how they need it now and / or in the future, regardless of whether it is available and delivered digitally or in hard copy.

Online searches can be an instant problem solver to finding a quick solution for an immediate concern. In that context, it's all about now. Getting that information quickly solves the purpose for that person in that situation. There is urgency attached to their need to know. Your content in your delivery format is most likely lost on them, even if they are well organized and can easily access it.

One of the downsides to relying on the Internet, though, is the need to look at multiple sources, collate what you find, and evaluate the accuracy and appropriateness for your particular situation. The source may or may not be reputable; there can be conflicting points of view; the information may be presented in an inconvenient way – narrative rather than bulleted, audio, video, or other time-consuming presentations that rarely on more time or patience than you have to sift through it all.

Your advantage is not only that have expertise and experience to support your content; you have information products that can be used by companies and associations to help them promote their products and services and increase their revenue. Your publications and products in any format live on in the lives of people who receive them. This is true wherever as a download thanking them for signing up for your buyer's mailing list or receiving a printed tips booklet as a gift with a purchase from your quantity buyer, imprinted with your buyer's company name.

The information you provided in bite size pieces not only educates the recipient, it also markets the company who has it to the recipient. Yes, that is sometimes delivered online, however it is done this way as a marketing campaign and the person receiving it did not have to hunt for it. They got it as a gift, further endearing them to whoever provided those valuable tips. And you can always license the downloadable version of your booklet to your corporate or association buyer to save them time in researching and producing the content by one of their staff members.

ACTION – Next time a potential buyer at a company or association responds that people can get tips online, considering replying “Yes, and how much money and good will be leaving you on the table by not using this information as part of a marketing campaign from your company, for all those people who will never even consider searching online for these tips? ” It's a big world out there, and lots of people who will very much appreciate receiving information on how to improve their life from someone they perceive as caring about them. The answer you get from your decision maker at that point will let you know how much sense it makes to continue the conversation or move on to someone who loves the idea of ​​distinguishing their company or organization by using what you've got.

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5 Best Green Cleaning Agents for End of Tenancy Cleaning

When you go about your end of tenancy cleaning, you may be hesitant due to the effects of harsh chemicals added to commercial cleaning products. Many synthetics compounds that have been approved by health specialists are not so suitable for household application. This is because such substances may prove to be toxic above a certain concentration. Furthermore, the chances of allergy are increased in the presence of infrequently used chemicals. You may be unaware of the allergy until the symptoms present themselves at the time of exposure. Awareness is being created these days within the general public about green alternatives to strong commercial cleaners. These helpful cleaning agents are not harmful to humans, pets or the environment and at the same time they give strong results.

Lemon juice

Lemons can easily be found in most household kitchens so availability is never an issue. The sour taste of lemon juice is attributed to a weak organic acid called citric acid, which is present in the entire citrus family. The term weak implies that its pH is not as low as mineral acids such as hydrochloric acid. This means that lemon juice is not that acidic so it can be used for cooking, cleaning, beauty recipes, etc. An acid is one of the things that emulsifies fats causing them to breakdown. This ability comes in handy during cleaning of areas with coating of grime or oil. Lemon juice is also great natural bleach so it is superb for stain removal. The citrus scent of lemon is pleasant and lingering so it doubles as a deodorizer.

Baking soda

As is indicated by its name, baking soda is used in creating delicious baked goods and is readily available. It is a white powder chemically known as sodium bicarbonate. It is a gentle but effective cleaner with the added benefit of being very safe for use. It forms a slightly alkaline paste when mixed with water so its pH is close to that of soap. Baking soda is particularly good for removing rust and tarnish from metal surfaces and objects. For stubborn beverage stains on fabric, it acts as a wonderful stain remover. The powder when sprinkled over a smelly carpet or rug clears out bad odor bringing back freshness.

White or cider vinegar

Vinegar contains around 5% acetic acid, which is a weak acid, so it can dissolve a number of cleaning problems. It can be conveniently located at your local supermarket in different varieties depending on your preference. Vinegar acts as a strong cleaning agent for any greasy or waxy surfaces or objects owed to its acidic properties. You can make a number of mixtures with vinegar as the main ingredient and spray them over the offending object.

Essential oils

There is a large market in the beauty and perfume industry for essential oils for their alluring scent, health and beauty perks and compatibility with the bodies of humans and pets. Diluted essential oils can be easily procured from the market at affordable prices. They can be added to a number of cleaning recipes as deodorizing agents with the added plus of aroma therapy.


Dish washing liquid and laundry soaps readily dissolve in water to create a mild and safe alkaline cleaner. Warm water is recommended as it increases the stain removal power and leaves the surface fresh and sparkling. You may use whichever brand you prefer but do read the labels to make sure there are no dangerous chemicals in it. An initial wash of dirty carpets with hot soapy water followed by vacuuming after drying gives brilliant results.

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Christian Business Owners Still Get Paid

As a Christian business owner do you have people constantly expecting you to give away your services for free? Do people give you a sob story about why they can not pay and expect you to give them a break? Do they call you a passive aggressive Christian hypocrite if you send out a late payment reminder? It can be hard balancing wanting to help people and not giving away your services for free. Remember, as a business owner you are in business to make a profit. You must protect your personal and business credit score.

Most business owners, service providers, and professionals have business expenses, as well as living expenses to include a mortgage, utilities, and possibly student loans. Creditors want to be paid. Creditors will charge a late fee if you do not pay them on time. They may possibly report you to a credit bureau and this can adversely affect your credit score. So, how do you balance helping others and being a Christian business owner? My tips below will help you to operate as a business owner while honoring your Christian values.

1. Contracts – Use very detailed contracts. Do not trust handshake deals or word of mouth agreements. Put the agreement or terms of service in writing. Be very specific on due dates, amounts owed, late fees, etc. This includes barter contracts. Do not be afraid or intimidated to not hold the other party accountable for honoring their part of the contract.

2. Invoicing Procedures – Establish procedures and follow them. If you do not want to deal with this task then out source it to a Virtual Assistant or bookkeeper. This includes sending out late payment reminders. I recommend you work with a collection agent so that when the agency can go after the late payer. Using a collection agent will save you headaches and heartaches. Plus, you know they are following the law and you will not get in trouble for accidentally violating a debt collection law or rule.

3. Choose your words carefully – I have learned when someone asks me if I can help or they say “so and so said you can help me” and I reply “yes, I can help” they are expecting the service for free. I have had to learn to respond with something that states this is a business service that I provide. Also, I have found when someone asks if they can skip a payment at holiday time I have a script ready to address that late fees will be assessed. Again, this task of communicating with individuals may be best left to your gatekeeper or a Customer Care Manager. Listen very carefully to what is being said by the person asking for your services. I also do not recommend giving away free strategy sessions. When you charge a small fee for an introductory session and charge for missing appointments you will eliminate the tire kickers and snatchers and grabbers. Watch out for the people that hit you up on social media via Messenger pretending to be your friend and then immediately they want free advice or services.

4. Know How Much You Can Give Away or Discount – Set clear boundaries. I do not mind helping people. But it does get old helping the same people over and over again. You have to know your walk away point. Watch the person on social media. If they are out having fun while you sit home eating ramen noodles do not get mad. Use it as a lesson. You just let that person skip a payment so they could have fun. The person does not respect or value you and your services. I recommend you know how many scholarships you are going to be able to give away each year and when you have exhausted that amount you know you can not help anyone else for free. Also, know what discount you will give friends and family.

5. Know Your Value – Do not forget that you provide a valuable service. Just because someone else does not see the value does not mean you have none. Do not let the snatchers and grabbers wear you down. Learn to identify who is not your ideal client and learn to identify where they lurk and then go find a new fishing pond.

Those that are attempting to steal your products, intellectual property, and services will always have something negative to say when you ask for payment. In our digital age they will be as bold as to post nasty comments on social media platforms blasting you and your Christian values. They will probably “unfriend” you too. Remember, do not open a door that God as has closed. Count your blessings you were unfriended and saw the person show his / her true colors.

Do not be made to feel guilty or accused into giving away your products or services for free. The funny thing is these people would not work for free or give away their products or service for free, so they should not expect you to do it either. Everyone will not love you. Rejection is God's protection.

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7 Tips For The Small Business Owners From Small Business Owners

7 Tips For The Small Business Owners From Small Business Owners, not just other small business owners but ones that have been successful.

For most, the dream of owning your own business is a far fetched reality. The free life style that apparently comes with being the boss and accomplishing the best of your abilities within your niche or market are, in fact, reality for the small business owner. Of course, there will obviously be more stress than what you could possibly imagine when you were dreaming of you plans, but with planning and a proper strategy you can get past all those tough spots that you will get in. Here are 7 tips that have been developed by successful entrepreneurs that will help to your business be as successful as can be.

1) You Must Develop a Unique Selling Point:

To stand out from other competitive businesses, you must develop a unique marketing promotion that pinpoints the benefits your clients will receive from doing business with your company. Do they get speedier service? Do not be shy, be sure to focus and dramatize it, but always maintain your focus on the customer. “Free Overnight Shipping!” Shout It, “Get Faster Service and Discounted Shipping.” These would be 2 benefits with just one marketing campaign.

What is the decision decision maker for someone to buy from you instead of your competitor? Here's a shock to your ego, and do not take it personally, but you never come into their mental thought. It's your product, or your service. Realistically, it is a little self-centered, but clients are attracted by offers that point out everything that is a benefit to THEM, not necessarily what you think is best for them.

Do not waste a lot of time creating new products and services to get customers attention. The simple thing is to add a special benefit to the things you already offer. As mentioned before, possibly faster service. The biggest difference that is the most effective are things that emphasize benefits your competition does not or are not wanting to give.

2) Get As Many Testimonials As You Can and Use Them:

All business owners think that their product or services are the best on the market, but it's not what you think but what your customers think about you and your product that is the only thing that counts to your potential customers. They see things from their objective and point of view. Word of mouth about your business is one of the largest and longest lasting impact you can focus on.

Testimonials can act as a very important aspect in your advertising – and definitely for small businesses. Big companies with popular names do not worry about this too much, but small businesses should use testimonials as a marketing tool to strengthen their credibility. As well, this is absolutely free advertising.

What other way is there to gain credibility than by developing some satisfied customers and marketing what do they say about your business? Here are some other ways to use testimonials as an effective and free part of our advertising campaigns.

3) Have You Heard of Upselling:

Upselling is one of the, if not the most successful advertising skills today. All around you, someone wants you to get or buy more. Like McDonald's and its “Supersize” choices to stores that try to sell you matching items to match your outfit that you are purchasing, everyone's doing it. And why not, it works!

Clients already know that your products and service that you provide are amazing. They believe you will come through for them. Well then, it's much easier to add on more sales to existing costumers who you have already developed a relationship with.

Take every opportunity to “Up” your sales numbers with the customer's that already exist. Is there another product that goes with the one they are already buying? Show it to them just before the close of the sale. Anything should be able to be added to any sale. This is proven method and highly effective for increasing your sales numbers. You'll be surprised at the increase of sales you can create just from those customers who are currently already buying from you.

4) Make Your Price Appear Lower Than the Competition:

An old war tactic works in marketing to – Divide and Conquer! If the price looks too high, chunk it down into more affordable, little “buyable” bite sizes. A $ 180 sale is only 12 payments of $ 15. A $ 730 buy can cost only $ 2 a day. This sounds way more affordable attractive.

5) Paint Extremely Pretty Benefits:

People buy because they want the enjoyment that the benefits of the purchase will provide them, the sooner the better. A woman may purchase a dress because she believes she will feel sexy, or a man will purchase a novel because he will find an awesome pleasure in reading it. Benefit emotions are the key factor to drive purchases.

Using word pictures to rile up the emotions in a potential customer that will better your chances to instigate the sale. Have them “feel” any benefits that can, and you can be assured that they will be more open to go to the cash register. Guide them where you want them.

6) Develop High Attention Getting Headlines:

Can you capture your potential customers attention with great ad copy? Headlines are the starting place. How often do you read your local newspaper's headlines before deciding to read the article? That's where advertising loses or gains the reader's attention, it's pretty important as a main part of the advertising.

A great headline should display its message, right to the point, hitting the reader's nerves, in less than twelve words. Triple check those headlines. Are they making promises about a positive benefit, or ask an intriguing question? Do not settle for anything less than top quality attention grabbing headline, it will be worth the expense.

7) Give An Offer They Just Can not Resist:

Do you think your deal too good to pass up? If it is not, you better improve it. I'm not talking about slicing prices again, you still have to profit. You could possibly make the offer sweeter simply by increasing the customers knowledge of the value of the product, or you could add bonuses that are perceived as important, but has little expense to you.

Inspire customers with expiration. an open-ended offer promotes procrastination, which usually results in … yep, a no-sale. When your clients know they have only until a certain date to complete a sale for an item, they may be more motivated to pay now than have to pay later later. They'll know it is important to go your store.

I hope this has been of value to you and I wish you good fortune in your business goals.

As always, here's Wishing you Great Health & Great Wealth.

$ – Grant O'Kane (Kano)

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Attention Small Businesses, This One’s For You!

I love small businesses. Small businesses typically have a tight knit group of employees, a more unified sense of collaboration, and in my opinion, a more systematic approach to completing tasks because everyone involved has an important and specific role to play in the success of the business – there is no room to slack around.

However, there can also be a major downside to running a small business. Because every employee is vital to the running of the business, more is demanded from each individual. This historically leads to tasks, both large & small, critical & mundane, to add up and begin to pull each employee in various directions.

This is why integrating the cloud into your small business could really be a game changer. The cloud provides small businesses the ability to collaborate, engage, and innovate more efficiently and effectively with their clients as well as with each other. The cloud allows businesses to handle demands on a much larger scale, expanding the company's growth rate. Also, the cloud has proven time and time again that it does, in fact, improve the overall operations of a business, regardless of its size. The cloud can provide amazing benefits for your small business, if you simply give it a chance!

Below we have listed the top 3 reasons how the cloud will improve your business:

  1. Productivity – Everyone knows the phrase, “time is money.” This phrase can apply to every company out there, but especially smaller businesses because with them come fewer employees and a smaller budget to work with. However, when you allow yourself to get acclimated to the idea that technology is your friend, not foe, you will realize that the cloud is out there and can take the reigns of some of your company's operations, allowing you and your employees to focus more on what's important. So, time may be money, but investing in the cloud is money well spent.
  2. Increase Sales – Integrating cloud technology into your comapny can dramatically increase sales. How? Well, there are a number of ways depending on what cloud solution you get. But in a nutshell, the cloud can bring together massive and varied sets of data at the drop of a hat, allowing you to analyze, manage, and act upon any demand or action. Integrating cloud-based architecture into your small business will definitely help minimizeize overhead costs, while also improving the efficiency and productivity of the platforms that are used to increase revenue. Small businesses are given the opportunity to market and deliver their products and services to a much larger scale than they ever thought possible.
  3. Smooth Sailing – Cloud users feel rest assured that when they invest in a cloud solution, they are investing in a heavily secured and easily manageable service. No longer will your company have to worry about lost data, stolen or misplaced information, or something like a natural disaster halting the operations of their business because when you invest in the cloud, you are placing your business in the safest and most reliable hands.

So, if you're ready to increase productivity, engage more with clients, and generate more leads and sales, consider investing in the cloud!

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Importance of Trucking Forms for Truck Drivers

A truck driver has to cope with strict rules and fill out trucking forms on their day to day operations. Driving hours tallied in 24 hours should be recorded in a log book. Truckers are compelled to monitor their places and time spend while driving or off-duty hours. Forms must be filled out accurately by truckers or they could be fined for incorrect reports. Misrepresentation or distortion of facts makes drivers accountable for possible prosecution.

Truckers should learn the proper way of accomplishing trucking Forms. The log book of truck drives consist of dates, carriers' names, truck numbers, and total mileage within 24 hours. Drivers must report if they drive more than one vehicle for the day. Truckers must state actual start-up time, names of other drivers, and cargo being transported. Identify your point of origin in the space identified as “from” line as well as destination in the space, “to” line.

Drivers are also expected to input their movements / location on the graph framework of these trucking forms. The grid has a box for each hour of that particular day. It contains marked sections divided into 15-minute intervals. Drivers can show if they are driving, off-duty, sleeping, or stationary. Truckers must log their duties through the straight line that passes along the midpoint of the activity column. Log book rules for hours of service vary based on the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) being driven and cargo. Truckers conveying merchandise can drive for 11 hours continuously after a break of 10 straight hours. Identify the city, town, and state along with the near mile post and main road for accuracy.

The trip envelope is also among the primary trucking forms. These are meant to monitor and organize trip costs which include fuel consumption, toll fees, miscellaneous expenses, and mileage. The envelope is long-lasting and measures 9 x 12 inches. This is where drivers keep all receipts and stubs for every trip. It is custom-printed with the company name, telephone numbers and business address.

Trucking forms can also include insurance documents for the type of consignment carried by the driver. For instance, the insurance is specified clearly if the trucker carries dangerous goods or liability insurance. It will protect the drivers and vehicles in case of accidents. Truckers are also required to bring with them a process form provided by the Department of Transportation. This form is a notice if people want to file claims against the trucking company.

Inspection reports are part of standard trucking forms . Motor carriers require drivers to submit complete written reports at the end of each work day. This covers operated vehicles except for freight containers operated by providers of intermodal equipment. The report generally covers parts and accessories such as service brakes and trailer connections; parking brakes; tires; steering mechanisms; lights and reflectors; horns; windshield wipers; wheels and rims; and, emergency gear.

Trucking firms should see to it that their drivers are properly educated about these trucking forms and their uses.

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Three Secret Six-Figure Businesses You Can Do From Home

When most people think of home businesses, the first things that comes to mind are Network marketing, Internet marketing or Information marketing. However, things have changed. The field has broadened and the possibilities have opened to include new and more innovative services.

The following three businesses are little known services, yet highly lucrative alternatives.

Life Coaching Service: Many people readily offer advice to friends, family, and in some cases, even complete strangers. These days, this simple model is a business service called “Life Coaching.”

Depending on where you are located, Life Coaching can be done without any specific licensing or degree. However, because you may be facing competition from those who may in fact have Doctorates or Masters in Psychology, it may be a good idea to at least acquire a certification.

Although colleges around the country have not officially categorized “Life Coaching” as a major, Harvard, Yale, Duke, NYU, UC Berkley, Penn State, and others have all started coaching programs. In addition, there are several online certification courses available, as well as, continuing adult education courses offered at local colleges.

Jared Mellow, a Life Coach in Southern New Jersey says, “Life Coaching offers a broad market. I specialize in teens and adolescents. But the market is open to various niches.

According to Forbes Magazine, Life Coaching is a 2 billion a year industry, and is projected to grow to 10 billion by 2020. Services are routiniously charged on an hourly bases, and run $ 50 – $ 100 per hour.

Social Media Manager: As Social Media continues to grow in the business arena more business owners are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing technology and constant platform expansion.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, all present viable marketing medias, however, most local brick and mortar businesses do not have the time, energy or know how to take advantage. This creates opportunities for those who are well versed with these platforms.

Business owners welcome Social Media Managers, as they know the power, reach and cost effectiveness of marketing online. An increasing number of businesses are anxiously looking to fill this need in their own marketing.

The industry is positioned for massive growth due to the sub-sectors available within Social Media. Companies who do not currently have a strong Social Media presence are looking to create one, and those who do in fact have one are looking to maintain, and even grow their position.

According to US Department of Labor, public relation activities will increase beyond 12% over the next 6 years due to the increase in Social Media. Managing Social Media, interacting with customers, monitoring customer satisfaction, announcing new products and services, all fall into the Social Media Marketing activities.

The industry standard for Social Media Manager's compensation is based on monthly fees. Average fees, according to specific Social Media service packages range from $ 400 – $ 1000 a month per client.

Public Adjuster: Public Adjusters are advocates for home owners and business owners who incur damages and are in need of placing insurance claims to recover expenses in order to return their homes or businesses to pre-damage condition.

The demand for this service is indicative as statistics demonstrate that of the average 11 million home insurance claims placed annually in the United States, less than 5% are represented by Public Adjusters.

The value in the service is in properly representing the policyholder, who carries the “Burden of Proof” in the claim's process. In order to recover the full amount provided within the policy, home and business owners must prove their damages. Must simply do not know how to effectively do so.

Smart Money Magazine confirms this by stating that most insurance claims are settled with the initial offer, and many times policyholders are walking away with as little as 25 – 40 cents on the dollar.

Art Lattanzi, a 17 year veteran Public Adjuster says, “With the weather becoming more and more turbulent, Public Adjuster are in high demand. with insurance companies. Without Public Adjuster representation, homeowners are at the mercy of insurance companies. ”

Public Adjusters are licensed and bonded by their relevant states. Compensation is usually charged on a contingency bases. Fees range from 10 – 35% of the settlement recovered.

For those entrepreneurs looking for the opportunity to provide a valuable service to the public, while earning a great income, Life Coaching, Social Media Managing, and Public Adjusting are three viable choices that are worth a closer inspection.

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