The Growth For Healthcare Staffing Agencies

The fastest projected continuous growth in terms of dollars is the medical field. Entering the medical staffing industry and tapping into the billion dollar industry assures many entrepreneurs with potential million dollar success. In the nursing field alone a 300,000 nurse shortage is estimated in the US Supply and demand dictates higher wages for nurses and negotiating power for healthcare agencies.

The different areas to start a business in the medical field are based on what we will see hospitals needing in the near future.


The list above illustrates potential markets to tap into within the industry. They all are expected to experience double-digit deficiencies within hospitals, nursing homes and imaging centers. In fact the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that more jobs will be created in the medical industry, yet the labor pool will not be available. Those individuals either having or starting a staffing agency to fill those needs will be positioned to attract the labor pool by increasing the pay rate and charging higher hourly rates to facilities needing these professionals.

The costs associated with starting a staffing agency are low and therefore allows professionals to begin quickly and cheaply. It can and it does require certain legal structures, forms and software, but often times having a phone and computer is all you need to get started.

Why professionals choose this industry?

More and more professionals have learned that they can work less and earn more by working with an agency. The labor shortage allows medical professionals to ask and expect more pay. Hospitals and medical centers are often unable to compete with medical staffing agencies and are forced to pay the higher hourly fees charged by these companies. More medical professionals then enter and become employed by these healthcare temp agencies. This type of action then adds to the shortage hospitals and medical centers are experiencing.

Another reason professionals look into getting hired is because often hospital policies prohibiting increasing pay to the medical professionals and working for a outside company allows an individual to avoid internal politics

The shift to work for staffing agencies has taken hold of this industry and knowledge has spread to new graduating student. Students graduating within these particular professions are looking to make top dollar. The former idea that new grad's can not make as much as seasoned professionals no longer holds true. The need for these professionals has shifted the paradigm allowing much more latitude for new grades.

Seasoned professionals understanding this paradigm then expect higher wages from hospitals. When they can not earn higher wages from hospitals they then turn to outside agencies. The cycle then takes hold for hospitals to pay higher wages to the temp groups, thereby allowing the professional to realize their true financial potential.

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Aspects Of Opening Your Own Staffing Agency

The medical temp industry basically is responsible for providign coverage to hospitals, medical clinics or medical offices. Using professionals as employees for the agency, clients pay for the service. Qualified candidates get paid usually higher wages and today many agencies are beginning to offer employees such things as medical insurance, income tax withholdings, benefits and retirement plans.

The client is the facility seeking professionals to staff their facility. Candidates are your labor pool use to provide clients qualified experienced staff. The temp company makes its money by being able to charge higher wages to the clients, and is able to attract vacancies by paying higher wages to the employees. Some agencies are able to combine both the niche offered and the finder's fee recruitment to increase revenue sources.

Matching the candidate to the client in this industry is easier than any other staffing industry. In the medical industry you are often qualified to perform the duties by having a license within your scope of practice. The candidates are simply required to perform the duties in the client's facility.

Aspects of services.

These services have different aspects to it, yet today those different aspects are becoming more aligned than before. It is no longer a single source of income, but a combined set of income sources for these companies.

Are these temp services employers?

Yes! These companies are employers, while many candidates may prefer to be designated as an independent contractor with its own set of rules, the candidates are your employees. When the agency sends a candidate to a hospital, that candidate has become your employee. You will need to provide insurance and work-mans compensation.

These companies are doing both work within their niche and providing recruitment resources for clients. Often a temp to perm position can be part of the all around service you provide. The staffing, recruitment and temp to perm services in the past were all independent of each other. Today they are aspects of service combined in this industry.

Providing temp to perm positions still allows you to mark-up your hourly prices and benefit from the recruitment finder's fee. Many services use these to have a continue stream of income and be able to provide different aspects of service to the client. Making the staffing company an all around service provider is part of the service option in today's market. Entering the industry does require capital, but the barriers to entry are not as high as you may think.

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The Basics of Improving Your Business

As suggested in the numerous articles you have read before this one, you might already be aware that there are a thousand ways to improve your business, especially if you are a digital savvy business person. However, before even going to the digital aspects of improving the business, it is also important to note the fact that a businessman should always cover the basics, first and for most, such as website advertising and reaching out to potential leads.

One of the worst mistakes a business person ever does is the mentality that a particular business has to provide the needs of their customers and clients on demand. Although this is true, it does not stop at providing the needs of the customers. The secret is actually pretty simple: what makes the difference between an average businessman and an exceptional businessman that that the latter has a pulse that allows them to anticipate the needs of their consumers. Sometimes, this is already ingrained to most business minded people, but if some of them feel like they do not have that “pulse,” there is actually a way to work on this.

The key element here is disclosure. Before even thinking of website advertising, you must expect, first and for most, your customers' need for disclosure. Nothing in the business world could ever substitute the loyalty of consumers, and this is built by creating an atmosphere of trust. If you own a start-up business and you feel like you do not have the credibility to boot yet, then always go back to the basics-disclosure. Find a platform where your consumers can know more about your business. Whether it is a website, or accreditation from several reputable business organizations, you owe your consumers the right to know as much as they want to about you. It's all about full transparency.

Website advertising should be supported by a good customer service through a contact form or even an email address. This establishes credibility because you are open to customer questions and that they can easily reach you.

Just like everything else, it is easy to work in an atmosphere where there is trust, right? As a business person, this is something that you must constantly strive for. Once you have this covered, that is when your business will start going places.

Now that you have the basics covered, you must be wondering what the other ways to improve your business through website advertising and the like. Learn more from

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Tips on Arriving at Perfect Online Business Ideas

The beauty of the technology that we are all enjoying today is that it allows us to be as dynamic as we can possibly be. For instance, having your own business is now made more possible since you can choose to do it online. You can even keep your day job if you have one, because it practically lets you manage your business from where you are. Moreover, since most of your operations can be done through the internet, your online business ideas can be implementable with less requirements-less manpower, less time, less costs, and even with just minimal training. To help you get started with your business, we came up with a few “prerequisites” that you may choose to do before you actually kick off.

1. Education is the key. There has never been any instance wherein investing in education is such a bad idea, especially in business. It may not be a Ph.D. or a degree in business, but what matters is that you are interested in staying on top of things. This can be done simply by reading up on as much material as you can, and signing
up for (usually free) webinars that discuss the basics of online business.

2. Do your research. Doing business is a whole new venture for you so away from beefing up on your knowledge in business, it is also important that you know about firsthand experiences of people in your network. This way, you get to know the best practices, and even the bad ones, directly from someone who has been through it. If it's not enough, find a business that works in the same way you pictured out for your business, and use it as your case study. Try to find out more on their accreditation, and the feedback from their clients and partners. After you've done all these, evaluate if you can project a foolproof business plan from their practices.

3. Have one goal at a time. Figuring out what kind of goal you want for your online business ideas, even before you start it, does wonders to what you are about to do from that point forward. It directs you in the idea process, and helps you set more realistic Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) for your business. Having a clear vision of the mark to hit is a big factor in making a business successful.

There is no one clear-cut way to do business right, but these should be enough to guide you as come up with online business ideas. There are also a few things you need to be careful not to do, such as spreading yourself too thin in terms of resources, and biting of more than you can chew in terms of the actual work. There are things that you will learn along the way, but it is easier to improvise when you have already done these three.

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Different Aspects Of The Healthcare Staffing Industry

Medical Staffing Agencies have the option of providing all aspects of temp services within the industry. But to better serve these aspects Let's have a closer look at what they are.

Temporary: This makes up the largest chunk. These are short term shifts, sometimes daily or weekly. These are shifts that are covered in times of need or to cover vacations or holidays. You bill hourly for services provided and usually you send invoices bi-monthly and get paid on a monthly basis.

Long-Term: Often these are assignments that are longer than 13 weeks. Staffing facilities on a long term basis is required usually because clients are located in rural facilities unable to simply send a professional for one or two days. At the same time heavily populated facilities may also require long- term staffing simply because of the shortage of professionals merits it.

Recruiting: agencies prefer to specialize in providing professionals within the recruiting arena, often times called (headhunters). Yet you will find that as a temp staffing agency it is easy to provide this service while providing temporary service. Recruiting fees can be substantive and provide a viable resource in the beginning phase of any agency. Many if not all medical staffing agencies have provided or can provide this service.

Temp-To-Perm Service: Combining long-term and recruiting is seen more often today in this industry. A client may view an employee, try them out on a temporary basis and hire them later on if the client wants to do so. For this service the medical staffing agency receives a hiring fee from the client.

Who can start an agency?

Having a health-care background certainly helps in making a success from a medical staffing agency. Deciding how to begin or what services initially to provide may be your biggest challenge if you do not have a health-care background. Many begin a medical staffing agency as independent contractors providing their particular expertise.

A corporation wishing to expand from accounting staffing to the medical staffing industry will experience a much higher monetary entry than a single Nurse wanting to self contract herself. Partners have been known to succeed by splitting the shifts between themselves. One may work day shifts while the other works a night shift.

Let's look at some of the professionals who can start a medical staffing agency and the different areas within the healthcare staffing industry that can be taped into.

Staffing Industry Professions

Medical Imaging – Radiology
• Radiology Technologists
• Ultrasound Technologists
• Mammography Technologists
• Radiation Therapist
• Nuclear Medicine Technologists
• Computer Technologist
• Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist
• Cardiovascular Technologist

Laboratory Technologists
• Cytotechnologist
• Histology Technologists
• Medical Technologists
• Medical Laboratory Technologists
• Laboratory Assistant

Rehabilitation Professionals
• Physical Therapist
• Occupational Therapist
• Speech Pathologist
• Audioologist

Peri-operative Professionals
• Nurse
• Surgical Technologist

Pharmacy Professionals
• Pharmacists
• Pharmacy Technologists
• Pharmacy Aid

Respiratory Professionals
• Respiratory Therapists
• Respiratory Technicians

• Medical Assistants
• Phlebotomists
• EKG Technicians

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The Path A Registered Nurse Can Begin A Staffing Business

The nursing sector is on a consistent development, with predicted year double-digit development being commonplace. Health centers as well as med centers find it inexpensive and hassle-free to work with a medical care firms to fill weekend break changes, short term jobs, and the fill the overall need for medical staff. Lots of facilities and medical centers really choose to cooperate with these companies since they test drive a RN expert and also they less the threat linked with the coordinating process within the irreversible positions.

The fad to function for these temp specialists is on upward rise. The stigma linked with helping a temp service no longer exists. Today working for a med staffing company is preferred over full time placements within a medical center or medical facility. Both experienced as well as un-experienced employees benefit helping temp agencies. Medical care staffing solution could be perfect for new graduates, relocating in between carers, scaled down and also needing work, full-time RN's and RN's requiring a part-time job or you just need additional money for the holidays. Retired med workers could benefit from helping an agency also. They have the experience yet are just thinking about part-time work. The new grads excited to travel and also get the benefits of working for a medical staffing company that offers trip support services.

The obstacles to entry are small. You can efficiently run a firm with a phone and also email. Remaining within a particular geographic town will surely enable you to expand as well as compete with larger firms that have larger expenses. You could operate with a smaller staff and fill the job orders a lot more effectively complying with the demands of your personnel and customers.

This sector permits growth by typically taking advantage of the various careers. Each career with the clinical staffing industry could on own own generate annual income to possibly increase your company's profits to countless dollars each year. The growth within this field is unlimited. You can likewise make a decision to be a one person business making over $ 100,000 a year and also function half the time that you would typically be operating in a health center.

The actions for growth in this market are successfully based on two things. The ability to be able to follow-up on demand from medical facilities and the capacity to simply discover the right talent to place in those medical centers. Locating the talent is the simplest component of having a staffing company, the ideal goal is to concentrate on locating customers as well as the candidates will certainly come

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Are You A Stupid Small Business Owner?

Many small business owners are still not using technology and adopting online marketing approaches to grow their business. I know most people believe that they are using social media and other types of tools to grow their business but according to a Yodle survey, the truth is that only one in two small business owners uses technology to help with accounting.

That's 51% of businesses that do not use technology as a basic business acumen. Online sales are up as well as mobile purchases. This is going to be the standard of doing business for any small business owner well into the future.

Only 1 in 10 small businesses have figured out how to use social media or online advertising to market their product or service. The SBA says that small businesses account for 54% of all US sales. Why are these small business owners not utilizing the “mostly free” technology available, to reach their clients?

Most of your clients are looking for you on the internet. If you need a doctor, plumber, or a new home, people go to the internet to find the answers. If you do not have a presence on the web, you are leaving money on the table for someone else to profit from. That is just stupid.

If your website is old, or does not have your business contact information, you are leaving money on the table for your competitor to have. Shopping online is now a billion dollar industry and growing. Are you too stupid to not take advantage of that opportunity to help expand and grow your business long-term?

Technology has become easier and easier. This is the nature of that industry. No one would buy technology if it got harder and harder to use, so do not be afraid to expand your technology business horizons. Using technology helps lower the stress of running a business and will help you create more profits. Technology helps you connect with your clients as well as inform them of your next great product.

Putting up your Facebook fan page, your LinkedIn profile and having a Twitter account or putting up a free account on Angie's list have all been made simple and will help grow your opportunities to make income over time. These free tools will give you a long-term presence for your business. People may not need your service everyday but when they do need it, you will want to help them find you quickly and easily.

This type of marketing is not supposed to make you an overnight sensation, although that could happen, it's to help you grow your business over time so that you and your partners can achieve success together long-term.

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Significance of the Thickness of Poly Bags

Thickness of Poly Bags – a Mil Matters a Lot

If you think that buying plastic bags is an easy task, think again. There is more to it than just determining the right size and gauge (weight) for your intended purpose. When choosing a suitable poly bag for your business, a millimeter makes a world of difference. Such details are critical in choosing the most appropriate poly bag for your need.

A mil is a unit to measure the thickness of plastic, wherein 1 mil equals one-thousandth of an inch. Now, you need to get a fair idea of ​​how these sizes and weights make a difference when choosing the bag that is right for your business needs.

Let us now consider the measure of everyday bag, and their thickness expressed in mils. A grocery bag measures 0.5 mil, dry cleaning bags are 0.75 mil, retail shopping bags usually measure 2 mil and a freezer bag is 1.75 mil thick.

Choice of Thickness Based on Application

Their thickness of should be specified on the basis of its usage. For example, if you need to store products that have sharp edges or those that are bulky, a heavier or thicker bag would be suitable. Also, keep in mind that its transparency is affected by its thickness. 1 mil poly bags would be much more transparent compared to 4 mil. So, if you want to view your products stored in it clearly, you need to choose that are less thick.

Food items such as vegetables and fruits are generally not stored in 6 mil bags as these are meant for heavy duty protection. Bulky items or those with sharp edges are stored in these bags. 1 mil bags can be used for economic storage for short time periods, 1.5 mil bags are a good option to protect products from moisture and dirt, while 2 mil poly bags are considered ideal for storage and protection during shipping. 3 mil bags are useful for the storage of hardware such as nuts and bolts, or other industrial parts. The thicker 4 mil bags are reliably stronger than most bags and so, used for storage of heavy metal sheets, nails, screws, etc.

In the context of the thickness of poly bags as discussed here, it would be easier for you to decide on the one that is ideal for your use. If you order bags that are too thick, it may prove to be a waste of money. If you order too thin, it may not serve the purpose as well. Here, choose judiciously considering the type of your business products and their longevity. Accordingly, you can buy these bags from a reliable online store that supplies a wide range of products at wholesale rates.

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Earn Recession Proof Income Using Vending Machines

Starting a vending machine business can be tough if you do not approach the right vending supplier. Nowadays, starting a business is considered risky but if there is one business that is absolutely recession proof and extremely profitable it is vending. A vending machine business has the potential to give you good returns on the least investment.

Moreover, the prospects and options you have are incredible. There are different types of vending machines that can be used for selling snacks, candies, beverages and more. So, it is entirely up to you to choose what you want to vend. You bought to choose reliable companies that offer relevant details and technical expertise before starting out. In addition, you need to ensure that the vending partner you have chosen is both professional and reliable.

When you are investing your money in a new business you need to know everything about it. Indeed, the best part about ordering these machines from reputed vending company is that you can expect some discounts if you are purchasing in bulk. Moreover, the company will help you in setting up the machines and will help you choose the location for setting up in order to optimize profit.

There are a number of options available for your vending machine business such as beverages, candies, snacks, chocolates and more. Here are some benefits of having this kind of business.

• The machines are easy to operate and maintain.
• You need not know how these machines work but having technical know-how is always better.
• You can call on maintenance experts regularly to keep your machine working in top condition.
• The machines are affordable and offer decent returns on investment.
• The profit margins are also good.

With the help of the internet, different vending machine companies are starting to offer their products and also after-sales services online. The quality of website of the vendor may well determine if you can get everything that you want.

So, the first thing you need to check for in an online vending machine company is their website. You must always remember that the website acts like a bridge between the clients and vendor and should look professional and be easy to navigate. Furthermore, you should check the background and reputation of the company that you want to work with because a reputed company is more likely to provide you with satisfactory services for setting up a new business.

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10 Extreme Client Care Tips for Building Client Loyalty

In preparing to train a local business on Extreme Client Care ™, I thought I'd share a few tips for attaining – and keeping – customer and client loyalty.

1. Ensure that the price you charge is always far less than the value your customer and client receives.

2. When preparing your next “X” (program, product or service), put yourself in your customer's shoes and ask “What would make this an experience worth raving about?” Then see what you can incorporate.

3. People first, revenue second. Take time to connect with your customers and clients as people before anything else. Get to know them as individuals.

4. Treat your best customers and clients as insiders in your business – give them a “sneak peek” of things to come. Build anticipation.

5. Ask yourself, “If I was starting over, what would the ideal experience be for each and every one of my customers?” Work to incorporate that vision into your business.

6. Remember the old saying “the devil is in the details” – it really is. Give the details the same attention as “the big things”. It's in these details that the noticeable often happens. I've also heard the phrase “Little hinges swing big doors” – same concept.

7. We hear the phrase “under-promise and over-deliver” a lot. Sadly many businesses do not even “deliver”, let alone over-deliver. Be the one who does.

8. Before sending that email, ask yourself, “Is this the best way to communicate in this instance?” You'll discover that many things can be handled faster with a 5-minute phone call and your clients will appreciate that you reached out.

9. Share the results your clients receive with them – periodically review how different things are, how things have changed.

10. Hold your customer and client's interests above your own. If a client is not getting results, for any reason, bringing it up with them and be prepared to do what's in their best interest.

11. And a bonus … remember to thank your customers and clients. In person, with cards, picking up the phone, with a gift, whatever's appropriate for the situation.

Remember, Extreme Client Care ™ is all about win-win – a win for your customers and a win for your business.

The best way to deliver a continuous optimal experience? Plan for it!

Please share any tips or strategies you have or examples of how you've received Extreme Client Care ™ below, we'd love to hear them.

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5 Shortfalls of Do It Yourself Online Surveys

The industry average response rate for online surveys has reduced from up to 30% to below below 20%. Do-it-yourself Online surveys are one of the largest reasons response rates are so low.

Most people who write or build their own online surveys have never written a questionnaire before. When responders answer the survey, the questions may not seem relevant or are worded in a way that does not immediately make sense. The overall response rate is lower than 20% and there is a large number of incomplete surveys. The results that are collected are hard to decipher into actionable decisions.

These are the common shortfalls of A Do-It-Yourself Survey.

1. Length of the survey

The length of a survey can determine the overall completion and response rates. A survey that takes over 10 minutes to complete is more likely to have a lower response rate and larger abandonment rate.

The length of a survey is reliant on the different types of questions you ask. Pre-populating questions throughout the survey as well as employing Advanced Question Logic can increase the relevance of each question to the respondent. If all questions are both essential and relevant, the responsive is more likely to engage and complete the survey.

We recommend keeping the survey between 15 – 20 questions, this should keep the survey completion time between 5 and 10 minutes.

2. Multiple question types & question design

The use of only one question type can create downfalls. Utilizing multiple types, you can engage the respondent and increase your completion rate.

From Multiple choice, to rating questions to simple open ended verbatim questions.

There are some design features to avoid when designing these questions.

– Leading questions:

“The local newspaper recently ranked us 5 stars for customer service.

– Double Barrelled Questions:

“How satisfied were you with the performance and the value for money?”

The answer given is unclear about which the response is referring to, so the data collected is not actionable.

– The lack of a “None of the Above” or 'Do not Know ”

Denying correspondents of a choice to say I do not know, or this does not apply to me, means that the data you received could have been incorrect or answered with a guess.

3. Valuable data and Satisficing

Satisficing is when survey / questionnaire respondent chooses the answer they think the surveyor will appreciate the most. It is often a sign that the survey is too long or there are too many questions that the respondent finds no value in answering.

Collecting valuable data is the whole point to collecting feedback, as this is where you base your intelligent decisions.

4. A lack of features within a survey that can increase response rates

Advanced Question Logic like skip and branch logic can greatly increase the response rate of a survey. Skip or Branch logic is when a series of questions are only asked if a particular answer was given in a previous question. This reduces the size of the survey overall and increases the value to the respondent.

Skip Logic is hard to set up from the outside, as you are never quite sure which questions can be skipped or missed.

Prepopulated data is when fields like dates, demographics or transaction history are automatically entered into fields so the respondent does not waste time filling these out over and over again.

5. A lack of features outside a survey that can increase response rates

There are many ways to increase response rates before the response has even viewed the survey.

The main features can be the email invitation, the integration of an incentive like a prize draw, the circumstances under which the respondent received the survey and the overall personalization and value received of the survey.

It can be hard to set up your own question / survey if you have never done so before. Invest in an expertly designed survey to not only increase your response rate, but gather valuable data to make more intelligent business decisions.

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Business Loans – Getting a Term Loan

The Reality of the Small Business

This seems to be the age of the entrepreneur, with small startups such as Facebook and Twitter providing that small businesses can grow – potentialally exponentially with the right resources. Unfortunately, success stories like Facebook are rare in the small business world, with over half of small businesses failing within five years of their startup, mainly due to lack of funding.

As any small business or entrepreneur knows, funding is one of the most difficult parts of starting a business. Banks are especially hesitant in giving out business loans to small and start-up companies, especially with the economic downslide of 2008. Crowdfunding is a great idea, but is only successful part of the time. Getting a business credit card is a great option … until the debt costs outweigh the business income.

The fact of the matter is, it is nearly impossible to get a business started without money, and it is nearly impossible to get the funding needed without an established business. This catch-22 is what sets most businesses down the path to financial hardship. However, there is now a new way to fund smaller businesses in the form of a microloan.

The SBA Microloan Program

The US Small Business Administration has initiated a program which provides funds to intermediary non-profit community oriented lenders to administrator microloans to eligible businesses. Unlike a bank loan, which can range anywhere from $ 150,000 to $ 250,000, microloans range from $ 10,000 to $ 50,000, providing small businesses enough funding to cover basic costs for their start-up without the risk of crushing debt.

An SBA micro business loan can not be used to pay off existing debt or purchase new real estate, but it can be used towards the purchase of supplies and machinery, working capital, inventory and supplies, and furniture and fixtures for the space. The payback plan of the micro business loan also varies in regards to the business' planned use of the funds, the loan amount, and the needs of the business owner. Unlike large bank loans, a microloan is tailor specifically for the small business owner to succeed.

Micro business loans can make a macro-difference for your small or start-up business. These loans are designed to help you launch and expand your small business with a maximum six year payback plan, and interest rates spanning between eight and thirteen percent. Money lenders who offer microloans are beginning to become more prominent, making entrepreneurial start-ups less financially daunting.

In Conclusion

If you are a small company interested in a micro business loan, there is a comprehensive list of SBA approved lenders on their website. The list is broken down by state, so no matter where your business is located, you can speak to a local microloan lender here to get your business funded. There are also online lenders like and PayPal's Working Capital program. However, it is important that you do significant research and ensure you are getting the best microloan offer from these companies.

If you have been turned down by different banks for a business loan, consider the microloan process Here. It could be just the right amount of money to make your start-up a recognized business. visit site

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Are You Consciously Creating Your Business?

What I do know for sure is that you are creating your business.

Business is not something that just happens to you.

It is done with your thoughts, your actions, your words, your energy, your focus and your intentions – All of which you choose.

It happens regardless of whether you are doing it consciously or not. It is just that when we do it consciously it can be more fun, more in alignment with who are and can create greater success.

We humans are masters at making stories out of things and that is where we can stick ourselves.

We create conclusions and block the energy. The more we tell the story, the more we create it and then evidence of it shows up in our experience.

When you are not creating consciously, then you are probably imitating other people's version of business. This involves you doing what you have been taught right, not necessarily what is right for you.

Fine if it is working for you, not so good if it's not.

And so much of business is focused on fixing problems and scarcity. Scarcity of time, people, money, equipment, knowledge. The list is endless.

Have you ever noticed that whatever you focus on in your world, good or bad seems to grow and become bigger in our worlds.

What if, what is needed is a whole new paradigm?

A paradigm that supports you in what you are looking to create and achieve in your business.

Not one you buy from someone else, but one you create for yourself.

In this paradigm you trust your knowing and use your awareness. You focus on what you desire to create and move in the direction.

So let me ask you again. Are you consciously creating your business?

Not so sure.

Well which of these statements are most true for you? The first or the second.

  • You focus on collaboration and contribution, as opposed to competition.
  • You believe in prosperity consciousness, as opposed to scarcity.
  • You use your intuition, awareness and energy as well as facts to make decisions, as opposed to just using facts.
  • You choose and follow what it is right for you, as opposed to just following what the 'experts' tell you is right to do.
  • You know the individual and collective talents of all the people in the business and proactively use them to leverage more success, as opposed to making structures and policies the most important thing.
  • You innovate and create. Your business is future focused and curious about how it can use that to it's advantage, as opposed to maintaining the status quo or doing what has worked in the past.
  • You acknowledge that everyone has a contribution to make and actively engage everyone to bring their expertise to the table, as opposed to just issuing orders and yours being the only voice that is heard.
  • You have clarity about the values ​​that are driving your business and are living them, as opposed to just hanging them on the wall or not knowing what they are.
  • You are always asking questions to create greater possibilities, as opposed to having stuck points of view and looking for 'the answer' or trying to get it right.
  • You focus on the contribution and value your business provides to it's customers, staff and it's community as well as profitability, as opposed to solely focusing on the money.

The first statements in each point describe a business that is creating itself consciously, the second describe a business that operates from scarcity and conclusions.

What if, by asking everything could you begin to create a business that totally worked for you?

A business where you could navigate uncertainty with confidence because you knew that you had the tools to create consciously?

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Advantages Of Using Air Freight Shipping

Sooner or later, any company, even though it is not in the business of sales or commerce, is bound to make at least one shipment abroad. That is why many companies get the help of professional transport logistics companies, that have the ability to efficiently facilitate shipments across the entire world. Of course, before choosing one type of shipment or another, you have to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as the best way to adapt them to your company's needs.

In this particular article, we are going to talk about air freight, its advantages, disadvantages and specific features.

It is common knowledge that using air freight in order to deliver packages is more expensive than delivering them by surface or sea / ocean. However, those who have used this kind of transport are well aware of the fact that it offers a series of advantages that compensate for the extra money you have to invest. Essentially, the advantages offered by air transportation are a combination between speed, timeliness, reliability, warehousing, insurance premium, and packing (items that are transported by air require less packing, meaning smaller costs for the client).

Probably the most important advantage that air freight offers is its speed and its frequency. When the client has an urgent package to send, an airplane will be his or her first choice most of the time. More than that, air freight is probably the most reliable means of transportation there is. Boats that travel on sea or ocean are more likely to delay one or more days because of the weather conditions or other factors. Airplanes can be delayed one or two days, but airline companies usually offer efficient alternative routes that can guarantee that your package will not be delayed more than 24 hours.

Another important advantage is the warehousing. As a client that chooses to use air cargo for his packages, you will not be in need of local warehousing and costly stocks as much as before. Another thing that's worthy to take into consideration is the fact that air freight pretty much eliminates financial constraints. Its speed allows the release of capital that would be otherwise trapped in transit on oceans, seas or land. To put it more simply, the package will be received by the buyer before the realization of the seller's payment.

Yet another advantage of air freight is the fact that you pay less on insurance premium. Airports have a high level of security and air deliveries last less than train, car or boat deliveries, meaning that the insurance premium will cost less, so saving you big amounts of money on every shipment.

And last but not least, air transports do not require as much packing as the ones on land or sea, meaning that, in the long run, you and your company will pay less.

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The Business of Massage: Back to Basics

Some of the most rewarding business coaching I do is with massage therapists. While many massage therapists are excellent at bodywork, business savvy may not come as naturally to all. Nonetheless, graduating from massage school undeniably means you are going into business – and you're the boss. To be successful as a self-employed massage therapist or owner of a wellness center, all massage therapists must hone in on their basic business skills. So here are some of my classic recommendations when it comes to getting into the business of massage therapy.

Think strategically . It's not about being a good massage therapist. There are a lot of great therapists out there. Why you? Why your clinic? What is it that will get your clients coming back for more? Once you've figured out the answer to this question. Live it. Breathe it. Communicate it. After all, potential clients will not know you're so great unless they see it, experience it and hear it.

Incorporate your Unique Selling Proposition into all marketing communications, whether it be print, online or social media to spread the good news and get your biggest fans talking about you to their friends and family.

Get organized . Create a framework to manage your business. Invest in some software.

Key business functions that can be optimized by software are appointment scheduling , client relationship management, and accounting. One software may not do everything you need but take the time to explore different options. Web-based solutions have gained in popularity along smaller clinicians because they are not as expensive as traditional software and can be paid for through a monthly / annual subscription. Do not try to do everything yourself. Tedious, administrative tasks should be outsourced. If you can charge $ 50 for a one hour massage, why would you want to spend one hour confirming appointments for free when a software can do it?

Take care of yourself . You are selling your skill. Being a massage therapist can be physically and emotionally draining – standing all day, working with your hands and interacting with patients. In fact, many massage therapists burn out only a few years into their career. Do not take on too much work at a time so that it affects the quality of your craft. It may be tempting to squeeze in one more client here and there. After all, its good money and you may fear that clients will go to your competitor if they can not get that time slot. But it's not worth burning out. If you can not continue to deliver the best massages in town, word will get out. Avoid this at all cost.

You do not need to be a business guru to build a great massage therapy practice. Just remember to think strategically, get organized – stay organized, and always take care of yourself (physically and mentally). With this advice, you are on your way to a great start!

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