Outsourcing many different business functions has grown considerable over the last decade. Outsourcing is a great and cost effective way to get experts into your business for the fraction of a cost of a full time employee or department. As your business grows IT outsourcing becomes a realistic option, as it allows you to focus on your businesses core objectives.

Some companies use IT outsourcing to manage a specific project along their in-house IT department or hand over the entire IT functions and services to an outsourced company for the day to day management and all IT related projects for a monthly flat fee.

It is important to pick the right outsourced IT support team that fits in with your business objectives. Does the IT company represent value for money? Do their objectives match yours? Do they have the resources to deal with your business needs? Can they grow as your company grows? Find out all this information and more before making a decision.

Whenever a decision is made it can either workout great or it can become a costly mistake. Outlined below are common mistakes made when looking for an outsourced IT services and support company.

1. I just need a quick fix.

Do not look for a quick fix. Yes at first you may have one issue that may need fixing. Get the company to come in and evaluate your network. It is important that you take a long term view to IT services and support. This will be cost effective in the long term.

Look for an IT company with the dedication and long term objectives that matches your businesses. Contact your local tech support guy or local IT company to learn more.

2. You are not involved with the management or interaction with the outsourced IT support team.

Great you signed the contract, handed the keys over to them and let them do what they need to ensure they deliver on the promise of “the best IT company in town”. Yes you may allow them to carry out the work as they need to however, it is important to keep communication channels as open as possible. Remember communication is a two way street, you must ensure that you are involved with your IT services provider, communicating your long term strategy and ensuring that they are delivering on what they promised you.

It is important to have one main point of contact from your company for the IT support provider. It is best to request a short term and long term technology plan from your IT service company so that you know you're on the same page from the start. Ensure that you choose an IT services company that has a simple centralized system for receiving requests from your employees.

3. You have an outsourced IT company. Problem solved. Nothing will ever go wrong again.

Do not assume that once you've signed with an IT company that there will be no more issues and problems with your computers, servers and network. Remember computers are machines they do breakdown and require maintenance. Common problems are: user errors, hardware failures, software corruption / viruses / hackers and regular updates to the computers. These are issues you will encounter no matter which provider you choose. Remember now that you have an expert IT company on board you might find out you have more problems than you first thought, as someone is paying attention to your needs and making you aware of them.

4. The IT services and support company with the lowest monthly cost is the best one.

Remember you get what you pay for in most cases. Do not make your decision solely based on price. If someone sends you a contract that is substantially lower than the others you have received received ask why. A reason could be that they do not have qualified staff or many staff to deal with your issues in a timely manner. It can work out cost effective to not go with the cheaper option in the short and long term. Look for IT companies with certified IT consultant and an infrastructure to handle your needs. If you've signed a contract with an IT company for 24×7 support test them and make sure they are delivering on their promises. Choose a company with several staff, therefore your needs will be taken care of in a timely manner.