Great, your business has access to the internet, uses computers, emails, servers and various software tools on a daily basis. Businesses use these every day to operate but yet many business do not have policies in place to protect them against the misuse of these. It is imperative that your employees know what is expected of them in relation to the use of technology that is provided by your business. In order to protect your business it is essential to have policies in place that cover areas such as personal internet and email usage, software, hardware and data. Do not forget the potential lost time and productivity due to personal internet use. Without no strict IT policies and guidelines there are no standards that employees have to attend to and this can lead to trouble for you, the business owner.

Let's have a look at some of the basic IT policies that every IT company should have.

Security – this is imperative for both employees and yourself. Each employee should have their own password, employees should be given restricted access to all levels of the network, ensure you have virus protection and the most critical no employee should have access to all files.

Disaster Recovery – have a procedure in place in the event of disaster, this happen more often than you would think. Backup data often and use online and offline backup.

IT Standards – have a set of guidelines for technology misuse and how this will be approached, and who in the business is accountable for monitoring this. Have someone dedicated in your business to provide technical support, maintenance, provides software updates, installation and long term technology planning or outsource this to a local IT company. Remember if you want to grow your business it is important to have technology that can grow with you. In most cases it is more cost effective to outsource your IT services needs.

Network and Data Setup – There should be a clear plan of how the network has been configured. The guidelines should state how to add employees and allow permissions on the network.

If you do not have a strict IT policy in place for your business, get working on it and implement it as soon as possible. You are leaving yourself and your business at risk without guidelines for IT use. It can not be stressed enough how important IT polices are for business, it is great to have them but it is even better when they are enforced and adhered to. Contact your local tech support guy or local IT company to see how they can help you.