You're probably one of those enthusiasts entrepreneurs who up to start a new business. That's actually very commendable as many large corporations started as small business franchises once upon a time; however, there may be unforeseeable roadblocks that may rise ahead as your business develops. To avoid turning small mishaps into a monstrous problems you'll need to do something called “lateral warfare.” This is a military term / strategy that is employed when you're facing an overwhelming number of enemy forces. that you have the essential tools for business success readily available at your disposal.

Since you have limited time, manpower, and budgets, you'll need to spend your money on cost effective tools. Having a solid team and the right tools will ensure that you'll be able to do more with what little you have and it's called efficiency. You may want to try these 8 useful tools for business success if you're a small business owner.

Internal Chat Systems

It takes about 11 seconds – 1 minute and 12 seconds for an employee to get up from his desk, go to another desk and discuss something important with his / her boss or co-worker. Imagine if 50 employees does this on a daily basis. You would lose 1 precious hour each day which was supposed to be used for office productivity. You will essentially eliminate that problem with an internal chat system in your company.

Document Storage Systems

Since the computer was invented and marketed for public use, the one most important uses of computers was its ability to store large files in hard drives the size of a salad plate. Document storage systems has proven over decades to be one of the most essential tools for business success.

Time Tracking Solutions

Time is the number 1 enemy of any business franchise whether small businesses or large companies. Sometimes you'll get frustrated over a project that takes forever to complete and this is bad, because it will greatly affect your ROI (return-on-investment). Fortunately we now have excellent time tracking software! They'll help you accomplish tasks and big projects with a customizable time management system, so you can gain huge grosses on your fiscal income.

Billing and Invoicing Software

The pile of invoice receipts and bills can be such a pain in the neck when the time comes to pay them off or call the customers for a paycheck. You will find that a billing and invoicing software will like cut all the time it needs to do all this, and that it is one of the important tools for business success.

Enterprise Q & A Programs

Employees are at the forefront of your business and they would know best how to improve it (although collectively of course and not as individuals). This is why it might be good to encourage a Q & A program for the improvement of your business from their perspective. Think of all the money you'll save instead of hiring a think tank.

Website Traffic & Rankings Software

Let's not forget that virtual every business franchise now needs an internet portal. If you want to track your website's progress and prominence on the web, then the best tools for business success would include web traffic and ranking software. Google Analytics and Alexa are good examples of this.

Social Media Management Tool

It is a fact that you can get customers from social networking sites within those that walk in your business establishment's front door. Well there are only 40+ social sites on the web and more are popping up each year. In order to counter the management fiasco you're going to have to use Hoot-suite or Social Flow. These and many other social media managing tools allow you to post and update your social media portals from a centralized platform.

Third Party Sites where you can Outsource Small Jobs

Due to the state of the economy these days it is more beneficial to have an employee do 3 or more different tasks for their fixed salary, than to hire more people to fill in the needed job positions. But that's only possible if your business is in China or somewhere in Asia, it's not usually the case here in America. I'll have you know that there are literally hundreds of thousands of qualified freelancers online who can do those small jobs for you at half the cost. Some of the best tools for business success are those that you least expected.