If you know that your products / services are worth more but are worried that your existing clients can not or will not pay a higher price. Or you are wasting time and resources trying to convince your target audience to 'sign up', when in reality they just do not have the money to invest (even though they love what you do). Then, there may be scope to refocus and elevate all or some of what you offer to higher paying clients.

It does not need to take a lot more work to attract high end clients but it does require a shift in a few areas to make it happen …

Design an exclusive product or signature service to offer in addition to your existing range. Some clients are willing to pay more for extra value, speed of delivery, personal time and attention, as it means faster results, higher quality and individual service. This could range from one off VIP / consulting days to longer term contracts, services and programs

Work on your wealth consciousness . When you have a handle on your OWN relationship with money you'll have much more confidence in dealing with the expectations of your clients. You'll also be comfortable charging what you're worth and not undervaluing your services.

Attend new higher level networking events, conferences and social activities that attract your ideal client. Some of these events may charge more but are worth the investment for the connections you'll make. The quality of your network of contacts and referrals is essential for attracting high end clients.

Dress the part . There is a saying that you should dress for the job you want not the job you have. This could be a good reason (or excuse) to invest in an outfit or two and upgrade your accessories!

Be seen and known as the expert and leader in your field . Speaking in public, hosting your own events, publishing books / articles or getting media coverage will help to raise your credibility and profile.

Upgrade your image and brand. Everything you do and say in your business needs to reflect a certain quality and style. Take an objective look at all your marketing materials, your photos and social media sites – what needs to be changed, up-dated or amped up?

Working with high end clients can be fun and productive . Your income will improve and by working together at this level you'll feel that you are having a greater impact and adding more value.