Technology is rapidly changing and evolving every minute. It is common to see a new product or service being released every day that takes the world by storm. Business owners can be apprehensive about spending large amounts of money on technology that is constantly changing. The thinking behind this is why spend money on new technology that will be old technology tomorrow.

In the current market keeping up with the latest technology can become very costly for businesses, especially for small and medium sized businesses. However, with the emergence of cloud technology getting access to the latest hardware and software technologies can be more cost effective. Many IT services companies offer Hardware as a Service (HaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for a monthly fee. These technologies have lowered the costs for managed IT services, allowing small and medium sized companies the access of these services for a fraction of the cost with no upfront cost. Here are some methods that businesses can reduce their IT costs.

1. Managed Monthly IT Service Contracts – move away from the cost break fix IT services and support method. It is outdated and extremely costly, with no guarantee of a resolution. It is important that businesses keep in mind that things do break in IT and products do have a shelf life. Having a managed IT service provider that knows the business network and configuration will help save time and money.

2. Long Term Planning – believe it or not technology is here to stay. Make technology part of your long term business strategy because businesses need technology to succeed in this day and age. Choose a managed IT service provider that has the capacity to grow with business requirements, whether this is adding new employees, new offices in various locations choose the IT services and support company that has the capacity to meet these requirements. Do not make IT services decisions solely based on price.

3. Centralize Technology – managing technology centrally will save time, money and resources. Systems require updates and patches on a regularly basis, having these centrally managed will ensure that these are never overlooked. Centralizing technology will ensure that data will be backed up and reduce the risk of data loss. This might involve an initial upfront cost dependent on your IT service provider although in the long run this is very cost effective and critical for business.

4. Spend Money on Quality – invest money in high quality products that will last a long time. Buy hardware products with warranty's and service agreements. Choose products that allow growth.

It is imperative to find an IT service company that can align technology with businesses long and short term goals. Every company will require something different from their technology, it is important that the local tech support guy at the local IT company can understand this.