There are enough things to attend to when running your business, so the last thing that you need is being online to emails 24 hours per day.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to de-stress from email distress is to simply turn off.

You do not need to be online 24 hours a day unless you are in an emergency or support role of some kind.

So leave the office on time and turn off emails on your tablet and mobile phone when you leave.

If you have a home office, still make sure that you “leave the office” on time, close the door if you have to, and do not keep working till all hours of the night and morning.

Here is another tip that I picked up recently and it really does work.

A long time ago, a wise man told me to only deal with a piece of paper once.

So if you pick up a piece of paper, form, envelope, magazine, brochure, then deal with it on the spot.

Do not put it down without taking the needed course of action, because you will only need to pick it up again later on and go through the same process of deciding what to do with it.

This is a great time saver and also keeps your desk clear.

If you fail to act decisively, then you are destined to keep picking up the same item over and over and procrastinating on dealing with it, so that no action ever gets done and the item remains on your desk indefinitely.

And it applies just as much in the modern world to emails as it ever has applied to a piece of paper.

So when a new email arrives in your inbox, do not look at it and decide to deal with it later.

Deal with it immediately by asking these simple questions.

Does it require me to take action?

No – Then simply delete it or file it.

Yes – Then ask the following questions:

Is it something that I must forward to somebody else? Then do it.

Is it something that I can delegate to somebody else? Then do it.

Is it something I can do in less than 3 minutes? Then do it.

Otherwise, schedule a time to do it.

Following this simple strategy, you will keep your email inbox clear and your desktop inbox clear as well.

Well, that is quite simple really!