Is your business stagnating? Do you find yourself procrastinating about investing time and money in your business? Should I run a Facebook campaign or should I stick to the half page advertisement in the local paper? Should I hire a web designer or stumble over it myself? What is working now?

Change is inevitable. But when and how should I change my marketing strategy? I have heard about developing a culture, or business DNA, as the Experts now call it. What does it all mean? Does it mean a complete makeover for my business? Not really.

Developing a DNA in your business can be as simple as making a few small changes. It involves sitting down and planning a method of attack that creates the business that you want it to be. For example, say you own a mechanical workshop and you find that you are working 6 to 7 days a week. You are earning good money but you have no time left for your hobbies or your family. You have 3 Options.

Option Number 1: Keep doing what you're doing and learn to put up with it.

Option Number 2: Sell up and move on.

Option Number 3: Find a way to make the changes that you need to live the life you want to live.

Which option would you choose? I have a friend who was in that exact same position not so long ago. This guy loved racing cars but he could no longer follow his passion because he had a car club that called on his time on weekends. Approximately one third of his income came from this club. He had a real dilemma. He knew that he could not carry on like this. His lifestyle was nonexistent and he was wearing out quickly.

Although he resisted it at first, he was encouraged by a business mentor to let the car club go and to focus on the market he liked best … the local family market. How did he go? Within 3 months of letting the car club go and losing one third of his income, he had it all back. He had a lot of loyal customers who had been with him for some time and their children were now growing up. With the car club gone he now had time to cultivate this new local market. He now works just 5 and a half days a week and he has his life back.

Making just one courageous decision allowed this businessman to change his life. By making Option Number 3 his choice meant that he was able to create a new DNA for his business, one that matched his preferred lifestyle and built on his success.