There are endless reasons why someone wants your booklet, whether a single copy or thousands of them. Next time you ask yourself the value of sharing your knowledge by creating a tips booklet, think about how you can improve someone's life. These are just a few possibilities:

  1. Personal improvement -new knowledge to live life better
  2. Bragging rights – ability to impress others personally, professionally, both
  3. Easy doorway into perplexing topic – tips can simplify complex ideas concepts
  4. Portion control – easy to digest, be ready for more; ideal for short attention span
  5. Marketing tool – long-lasting helpful way to attract and retain buyers
  6. Media darling – journalists love using tips to fill articles and to prompt interviews
  7. Affordability – booklets cost less than many other information products

Those reasons get you thinking, quite possibly in ways you never considered or that you previously minimized. Depending on the circles in which your buyer travels and their own life experiences, bragging rights may be important to them.They want an executive summary of information that better equips them for professional social situations. That may never have surfaced in your thinking because it is completely outside your experiences or personality. It is important to them, though.

Becoming a media darling with tips means you helped the journalist fill space with good, solid information. That journalist helps you by including your name and website address as the source, expanding your reach and promoting your business. The journalist is likely to come back to you again for more of your tips because you made it so easy. While you could provide a tip sheet rather than a booklet, the booklet makes a different statement of professionalism and shows you've got more to be used in future articles and interviews. Everyone benefits – you, the journalist, and audience.

Having tips bookslets for bulk buyers gives them budget options that they may not have realized exhausted. They liked you when they bought you in as a speaker, coach, or consultant, liked the knowledge you had, liked your professionalism, and wish they could package you to share with their world at a price they can manage. That's when they are thrilled to know about your tips booklets. Not only do you have a product that suits their requirements, you can suggest ways for them to use the booklets now and in the future, based on what makes the most sense for them.

ACTION – Listen to people you're talking to for ways your booklets can help them, whether it's booklets, other formats of your information, single copies, or bulk copies. Clues are sometimes hidden within the words or the tone of voice or how often a reference is made to a particular situation. You now have some new awareness of circumstances you never noticed, had forgotten, or simply never considered. Some of the best applications of tips booklets and other information products have happened when the proverbial light bulk went on over someone's head to use them to solve a challenge in new way. That means sales for you when you can initiate that conversation, while possibly becoming a hero in the process.

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