Tips booklet content ideas are everywhere. And so are ways to market and sell them. In fact, there is no end to content potentials or potential buyers, regardless of how that may feel to you on any given day and at any particular moment.

When it comes to content, the larger challenge is usually narrowing down the scope of what you know, what appeals to you, and what you think other people want. It's rare to find someone lacking in content, especially after pondering what is sitting in your mental, electronic, or paper filing cabinet. Scratch the surface just a little in any of those storage locations, and there is most likely more than you can put into information products in a single lifetime.

Then there is the matter of who wants what you have. Rest assured that more than a few solopreneurs have been known to utter some form of the thought out loud or in writing, “does anyone really want what I've got?” Yes, there are people who do want what you've got. In fact, given the number of quasi-intelligent people on the planet in just the English speaking world, there is no way you could ever reach everyone who would be your client, regardless of your topic and regardless of the way you create and distribute that information.

So that brings the conversation around to asking, where do you find your ideas for content and for ways to market and sell your content? See what gets your mental juices going from this seemingly disjointed and brief list:

  • Publications and articles from industries and professions other than the one you are in
  • Television programs focusing on funding new product and service innovations
  • Casual conversations at social gatherings
  • Clients and prospects who complain about what your products / services do not achieve
  • A family member or close friend asking, what is it that you actually do?

There are times any of those experiences can and do trigger an idea for product development or a distribution method. The idea can quickly surface and just as quickly disappear – unless you notice it for what it is (an idea!) And capture it because it did catch your attention. Capturing it is just that. There is no requirement to act on it now or ever. All you are doing is grabbing that fleeting idea so you can revisit it later to consider using it, expanding it, combining it with something else, or ignoring it at that moment. Given how much information appears every day, this is one way to organize and possibly honor an idea that went past you in a split second.

ACTION – Create a file, notebook, or other mechanism to capture ideas for content and for distributing that content as it surfaces in your awareness. Realize that this is merely intended as a “grass catcher” that may or may not trigger future development or distribution. It could have the Next Big Thing, a hybrid, or nothing. Having the seed of the idea makes it easy to review rather than straining your brain to remember something that really seemed brilliant at the time.

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