Looking at the topic of your expertise and the tips you write, you may serve audiences and markets that are more community based than not. Or the reverse may be true. This matters most when it comes to how you market your booklet and your other products and services both in attracting customers and in retaining them.

A group or a community of some sort can work well for people who want camaraderie and idea exchanges often associated with self-improvement in some way. You are probably pushing a rock uphill, however, if you expect to form a group amongst buyers and prospects for pre-employment assessments you sell, for instance. Those people search for the best vendor for them that product and service and are not typically interested in participating in a group focused on what's involved with pre-employment assessments. They just are not.

Knowing what your current and future clients want when it comes to community helps guide you in your marketing efforts and in your product and service development.

It can make a lot of sense to create an online discussion group on Facebook or LinkedIn or a face-to-face MeetUp group in your region if that's how your people behave and if that's what they want. That's a match when they tend to learn from and get support from each other. They absolutely can often become more informed, more educated buyers of what you offer.

No matter how much you've got to teach your buyers about using the pre-employment assessments you sell, they will probably not respond to learning the ups and downs, ins and outs of those hiring tools from other people within a group. It makes no sense to put your efforts into establishing and expecting to support any type of community online or offline for those folks.

Evaluate where your sales come from and requests and suggestions your people make. Do they respond to your online presence and, if so, at which social media sites, if any? Maybe they reach you primarily through a key word search, arriving at your website rather than any social media site at all. Or you may have a company or a practice that thrives primarily on referrals, and your publicity and promotional activities are a secondary way of attracting and retaining those who are sent to you from satisfied clients or people who know your excellent reputation.

ACTION – Pay attention to your people, to what they do and do not do. It is very possible that they have completely opposed to “popular” trends. Your mission is to serve your clients the way they want to be served, which means taking stock of what that is. You may want to do a small test to see if other means of attracting and supporting them make sense. Whatever you do, stay alert to the sometimes-enticing statement that starts with or includes the concept of “everyone is …” That is simply not true. One size does not and never will fit everyone. It is up to you to notice and offer what best fits your audience, whether it is online, offline, community, no community, or something that no one else is doing at all.

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