You have stayed in touch with your booklet prospects on a regular basis and sometimes it feels like you're pushing a rock up hill to make a sale. You see your booklet as the perfect match for so many of your prospect. They said so, too. Yet they have taken no action.

Worse yet, this situation seems to be the norm rather than the exception in your business laately. And you know in your heart of hearts that it's worth hanging in there, that what you have really is useful, it is produced well, priced appropriately, and sooner or later the tide will turn.

One day it happens. It had nothing to do with the time of year, the economy, the ink color on your booklet cover, the last conversation you had with the decision-maker, or anything you can point to logically or otherwise. The stars and planets aligned, and that's the best you can say.

All of a sudden the orders start poring in. Your phone rings off the hook. Your email Inbox has one email after another asking how quickly you can ship thousands of copies of your booklets.

You scratch your head wondering what the heck happened. What did you do? Was this all a bad dream and you just woke up?

In fact, while the experience was far from pleasant, you did do something. You somehow stayed in front of that buyer. You stayed in the game. You did not bale out. Now that he or she is ready for what you have, you are there and have been there all along. It may be your period phone calls, email, ezine, or some other way of staying in front of them. They were not ready to buy before. Now they are. As simple as that sounds, that can be the entire answer.

Days and months can seem like years and decades. And sometimes it is! Depending on your commitment and the systems you have in place, your otherwise excellent tips booklet and the related products and services you have on your topic are available when the buyer is ready.

You can get as creative as you'd like in your efforts to prompt sales, with discount offers, with using the most current accepted promotional methods, with every idea your creative mind can devise and execute. The truth is the client buys when they are ready, and not a split second before. Sometimes when the phone does not ring, all it means is that the phone did not ring.

ACTION – Stay in contact with buyers you feel are the best match for your products and services, including your tips booklets. Generate a variety of related products and services so your buyers have enough choices without having so many that they are overwhelmed. Explore other industries and audiences so you have enough options to thrive in your business and so you are there when people are ready to buy what you've got.

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