Are your business model and your vision geared only towards single copy sales of your tips booklet? You are missing out on larger sales that are easier to make than you think, no matter what size business you have or who your market is.

Let's say you are a consultant, a professional speaker, a coach, a solo practitioner, or a small business owner. You connect with a range of customers, clients, patients, audiences, and colleagues in the course of a week. Every one of those categories could be buyers of your booklet in quantities beyond a single copy.

The people who buy from you (eg customer, client, patient, audience) have people in their life who may benefit from your booklet, depending on your topic. Before even exploring what your buyers do professionally, your booklet can be an ideal gift for your buying population to give to their world, in any number of situations.

Since many booklets focus on self-improvement in one way or another, imagine one of your buyers sending a copy of your booklet to their own circle of people at the holiday season or the spring or to start the new year, or purely to stay in contact.

Can you imagine each of those people having at least 100 people in their circle? Yes, some will have less and many will have more. For this discussion, let's keep the number at an average of 100 people. Your folks love your booklet; they love the content, the quality of the production, the uniqueness of it as different than a book and different than greeting card, and they love the idea of ​​sending something useful to people in their life who are likely to appreciate the product and the gesture.

Then there are those colleges of yours, the ones who know you've done a booklet, think it's a good idea, think very about the booklet you've created, talk about doing one of their own, and just never get around to doing it. It's very likely they, too, have at least 100 people that they want to reach and stay in touch with on a regular basis.

Between the people who buy from you and those people who are your collections, you probably have more than 100 people. For this conversation, let's keep it at 100.

100 people each buying buying 100 copies from you is a total of 10,000 copies. That is a print run that lets you pay much less per copy than when you print only 1,000 copies, so right away you are more profitable. And you've set up a structure that could well be repeated several times throughout the year, giving you recurring revenue. Plus, the people who received the booklet could also become buyers of your booklet for their circle of people in their life. Does a 10,000 copy print run still look like pie in the sky?

ACTION – Let everyone in your life know your booklet is available in 100-copy batches, and suggest ways they can use your booklet to stay in touch with people personally and professionally. Then figure out what you want to do with the new revenue you're generating.

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