Are you struggling in business? Trying to stay afloat? Do you know why? Is it lack of capital or business skills? Are you networking with other business owners? If not, why not? Ask yourself what is working for you … and then keep it. If it is not working, drop it and try something else.

Business networking is an inexpensive way to get new customers, get referrals and form all that have mutual benefits with other business owners. Networking has produced over 70% of my business over the past 3 years. Social Media, articles and eBooks I have written have produced the other 30%. I do not advertise in newspapers, magazines, radio or TV. I do no letterbox drops. I use business cards, Facebook and LinkedIn to promote myself and my business. The only promotional costs to me are breakfast, lunch or dinner at the various networks I attend.

People do business with me because we form personal relationships. We ask questions of each other. If we like what the other person says, and we feel that there is a good fit, we choose to hire each other's skills when required. We also actively promote each other's businesses and refer potential clients to each other. Networking can be true Win / Win situation when done right. A good Networker will attract clients because they ask questions, listen carefully and show a genuine interest in people.

A good Business Mentor can also be a great asset. They can point you in the right direction and guide you all the way. They will lead you by the hand and show you how to make your business work for YOU, instead of you working for it.

However make sure, before hiring a Mentor, that they have experience in running a business. There are a lot of Business Coaches out there with no “hands on” experience. Would you hire a builder who had never built a house? Or an Accountant who had never done a Tax Return? The worst mistake you can make is locking into a contract with a Mentor that has a Certificate but no real substance to back it up.

When hiring a Professional, always look for someone who has been there and done what you need done. This does not mean that you need to pay top dollar for all your tasks. Outsourcing work such as web design, social media, videos, newsletters, presentations and bookkeeping can be very inexpensive, even for the little guy, if you take the time to look around. Even accounting can be sent offshore.

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