I remember when I first started blogging. I had something of a clear vision, some lofty goals and plenty of enthusiasm. I blazed through my first set of articles. Could not wait to press the “publish” button so I could officially become a blogger. Thousand of people would see my blog. They would tweet and like my articles and I would see hundreds of comments, I thought. Well, it did not go like that exactly. I do not believe I received 10 visits. No one made any comments and no tweeted or liked my articles.

How could this happen? I had read up on all the latest SEO tricks – I read e-books about how to write articles that attract readers, how to market your blog so that it ranks high in the search engine and strategies on how to use social media publicize my blog . With all this information and tips, I should be ahead of the game. I soon learned that it takes time, commitment and a lot of effort to build an audience. It took about three to four months before I started building a decent number of followers. I was still excited about building a business online but there was a lot I still needed to learn.

I still needed to improve my writing. I still needed to learn where and how to market my blog. And most importantly, I had to learn that knowledge takes consistency and posting good stuff. Like most people in today's culture, we expect microwave success. I was no different. You read so many articles about people attracting thousands of readers overnight and making instant profits. Just usually is not that way in the real world.

So with my business building slow and not making money with the blog, what does it take to stay committed to my vision?

1. Remember why you started blogging in the first place. I did not start blogging for instant success. I started blogging because I love to blog. When you do what you do for the love of it, ever success will come. Although I would eventually like to make money blogging, I'm OK if I do not.

2. Keep your eye on the prize. When building a business, organization or working on any dream of any kind, you can not focus on the here and now. If you do, you will become discouraged and quit. Instead, focus on your ultimate goal, whatever that goal is.

3. Read about other successful bloggers and try to emulate what they did . You have to constantly educate yourself when you're in any type of business. You need to learn the latest trends, keep up with the latest technology and find out what and how audiences are changing. That's what successful people do. Find their niche and keep up with what's going on in their niche.

4. Set realistic and specific goals and I consistently reassess those goals . When you set goals and put them down on paper. Your dreams become reality. You can see on paper where you are and what you need to do. Putting your goals on paper makes you more accountable. But make your goals realistic. By making your goals realistic and achievable, you stay positive and committed.

5. Expect set backs. No successful person has ever started any business, organization or company without experiencing some set backs. Set backs are part of the learning process. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple. President Abraham Lincoln failed at many businesses and political positions before becoming America's 16th president. And believe it or not, Bill Gates failed at first business. So what makes you think you're not going to experience failure? Just make sure you learn from your failures.

I hope this article was an inspiration to you. Just wanted to let you know that like most people, you do not start writing and marketing your blog and become wildly successful over night. Most people struggle for months and years until they hone their craft and learn what it takes to become success at both blogging and business.

I would like your comments and replies in the comment section. Interested to hear about your successes and failures or if you're on the fence about starting your business.