What makes a person a success in the food business industry? While there are no specific formula to be successful in the catering business, it will typically take the following factors into consideration. One is the strong expertise in many key areas in the business – such as food preparation, handling, presentation, and safety. Second is perseverance and creativity – the ability to continue working hard even in the face of difficulty. Social skills are also relevant, not only when it comes to expanding customer database, but also in building a great team at work. Here are 5 skills needed by a catering start-up owner:

Calm under pressure

Needless to say, catering is no easy work. The food may look yummy and the event smooth-sailing, but that actually took long hours of hard work and preparation on the caterer's side. While you may usually do all the preparations in your own kitchen, you may be required to work in different environment and conditions, so you must be prepared to be flexible. Mishaps, delays, and other food problems may also arise, but you should not let these instances be a big factor that can ruin the entire event. Working efficiently and staying calm under pressure is truly a skill that every cater is must possess.


While you'll usually work on your own when you're starting, you must have no problems dealing and working with a team later on. This will be most possible when you start growing your customer database and accepting more catering functions. You must be able to work efficiently with your team so you can execute events smoothly and without delays.

Good communication skills

The food you prepare may be your biggest selling point, but you will not be able to showcase your catering skills effectively if you do not possess good communication skills. You'll need to be able to communicate well when doing sales pitches for events you'd like to cater, as well as when dealing with your team and the clients that you handle. Communication skills will not be limited to how good you are as a speaker; these will also involve how effective you are as a listener and as someone who gets the message across clearly.

High hygiene standards

When it comes to food preparation and food handling, cleanliness and hygiene should come in high standards. This is not only for the safety of the food you're preparing, but also for the benefit of the people you're catering to. Good personal hygiene must be practiced at all times, and this should be applicable to you and your team as well.

Passion for your work

A lot of times, many people get into the catering business because of its profitability. It's true that there's money in this kind of business. However, being after profit should not be your main focus in starting a catering business. Aside from the money aspect, you should also have great passion for this kind of venture. If you are committed and passionate in what you do, it will reflect on your work ethics and may also help you become successful in this field.