A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs start small for a variety of reasons – lack of enough capital, constant worry about the possible success of the business, marketability of the products and services, and so on. Even if you're a start-up small business owner or a large company manager, though, you'll always have to think of your marketing strategies to promote your business to the right people. Here are a few tips you can try:

Go online

Even if you own a brick and mortar store, promoting your business should not be bound there. Social media nowdays is not anything new. People also gather to talk about business and various events online, and it's up to you how you can utilize the web to target specific audiences. Whether you have a physical store or an online shop, establishing your presence on the web is highly recommended. Invest in your own site or blog (which you should update regularly) or start by building interactive pages in social networking sites like Twitter.

Build your network

Always be in the lookout for ways and opportunities to build your network. These can be business contacts, existing customers and potential clients, suppliers, as well as industry professionals. However, networking just for the sake of networking will be useless in the end. Make it a point to get to know your contacts professionally so you can share your business ideas and maybe get professional advice in the process. Networking can provide you a variety of opportunities not only to market your business and expand your start up, but also innovative ideas to be successful in the industry.

Maintain relationship with customers

Doing business with a client does not end in providing excellent products or services. If you want to build a solid database of customers, make sure you maintain contact with your clients. After all, businesses should not only be about building relationships; sustaining these client and prospect relationships is also essential to business success. Extend business relationships through various platforms (whether online or offline) and continue to be visible so your customers will remember your business.

Connect with prospects and existing clients

Future sales do not only depend on new people you meet or do business with; you can also benefit a lot from your existing and prospect clients. Look for ways to connect with customers regularly so you can continue doing business with them. It can involve offering promos or free product samplings, calling or emailing them for monthly updates and newsletters – basically anything that can help you ensure their continued patronage. Aside from continued support, connecting with your existing customer database can also be a great way to bring in more clients through word-of-mouth.

Aside from time and effort, promoting a business also requires money. But since you're starting small, be sure to look for various marketing opportunities that are free, or at the very least, something you can afford. Look for options you can try and do not allow to do some trial and error to better market your products and services to your target audience.